Best Selling Cycling Bibs for Men & Women

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This collection of cycling bibs has been developed for a wide variety of uses and conditions; from all-day adventures to cold weather rides to daily commutes. We're sure that you'll find something that inspires you to hop on your bike.

All of our bib shorts have been designed with proprietary Silhouette™ articulation and contoured seaming for the riding position.

Cycling Bibs For All Day Rides


Cycling bibs designed for ultimate performance and comfort on extreme rides.
Summit Stratos "12-HOUR" Bib Shorts

Guaranteed comfort on extreme adventures and races. Cerami-K fabric (recognizable by the honeycomb dot pattern) is extremely durable and excellent at moving heat away from the body during maximum exertion.

The custom silicone printed, raw-edge leg band provides excellent grip and a seamless aesthetic.

Our development team and the experts at Elastic Interface®, custom developed the 2nd Generation Endurance Anatomic Super Air Chamois specifically for these bibs to provide supreme comfort.


Men's Summit Stratos 12-Hour Bibs in Navy
Summit Classic Cycling Bibs Comparison

Summit Classic Bib Shorts

Our Summit Classic Bibs offer even compression with the single, flat-sheen, double-knit fabric throughout the entire bib. Experience unparalleled comfort with reduced seams and the raw-edge cut uppers and leg openings. Rest assured, your leg bands will stay put with strategically placed silicone grippers on the inside of the leg openings.

The women's bib includes our Clip&Pit™ feature for easier bathroom breaks.

The ultra-long-distance, Elastic Interface® Endurance Anatomic Super Air Chamois offers optimal breathability and superior endurance comfort, paying special attention to key pressure points.


Men's Range Stratos Cargo Cycling Bibs Comparison

Range Stratos Cargo Bib Shorts

These bibs are the same as our beloved Summit Stratos "12-Hour" bibs with the addition of pockets to haul additional cargo. A large, durable, stretchy mesh pocket on each thigh allows for easy access to snacks or necessities during long distance rides. Includes custom silicone printed, raw-edge leg band that provides excellent grip & a seamless aesthetic.

The men's design includes 2 extra pockets in the back, along with a small zippered valuables pocket and a loop to secure a mini pump.

Our Clip&Pit™ technology is included in the women's bib.

This bib also includes our custom designed 2nd Generation Elastic Interface® Endurance Anatomic Super Air Chamois.


Long Distance Cycling Bibs for Men and Women
7+ Hours

Long Distance

Cycling Bibs perfect for those tough and long training days.
Aerodynamic Flyte Cycling Bib Shorts Comparison Page

Flyte Bib Shorts

Our Flyte Bib is comprised of light to midweight 100% recycled fabrics that are compressive and aerodynamic. The raw-edge cuts make for a nearly seamless experience that transitions smoothly to your leg.

The uppers on this bib are designed for absolute minimalism and functionality. Around the waist, you'll notice our super light mesh for a comfortable fit and extra breathability.

The Road Performance Force Hybrid chamois from Elastic Interface® was custom developed to deliver optimal comfort and minimalism.


Men's Summit Raptor Cycling Bib Comparison

Summit Raptor Bib Shorts

Our Summit Raptor Bib is perfect for those 7+ hour rides and races. Designed wtih Raptor fabric that is notable for its scaly/jagged pattern, compressive feel, and comfortable fit.

This bib also features Flash coldblack® technology, which helps reflect UV rays and pushes moisture away from the skin for ultimate temperature regulation. The women's design features our Clip&Pit technology.

The Road Performance Force Hybrid chamois from Elastic Interface® focuses on strategically placed foam inserts while adhering softly to the athlete's body.


Women's Ascent Vector Pro Bib Short Comparison
Ascent Vector PRO Bib Shorts

Similar to the Ascent Vector Bib, the Pro is made with 100% recycled fabrics that is moisture-wicking, durable, and provides a compressive fit. Light, recycled mesh and recycled double-knit uppers lay flat and provide a sense of absence on the body. The Pro model includes more of the raw-edge material in the uppers than our standard Ascent Vector bibs to create a more refined aesthetic.

The Pro includes our Elastic Interface® Road Performance Force Hybrid chamois. which has typically been found only in our Summit level bibs. This chamois delivers an optimal combination of comfort and minimalism with a high-performing pad with a smaller footprint.


Medium Distance Cycling Bibs for Everyday Rides
4+ Hours

Medium Distance Rides

Cycling bibs great for everyday use and every level of cyclist.
Ascent Vector Bib Shorts

Now made with 100% recycled fabrics to deliver a substantial improvement of the environment footprint on our most popular bib short. Don't worry, all your favorite features: compressive, lightweight, sweat-wicking, and durability have all been retained with the new fabric. Light, recycled mesh and recycled double-knit uppers lay flat and provide a sense of absence on the body.

The Italian-made Elastic Interface® Paris chamois provides more coverage all around for increased comfort and reduced chaffing. Perfect for medium distance rides.


Ascent Vector Cycling Bibs Comparison
Range Vector Cycling Bib Comparison

Range Vector Cargo Bib Shorts

Everything you love about our Ascent Vector bibs with the addition of 2 durable, stretch-mesh pockets, one on each thigh, for hauling additional cargo and necessities on your next adventure.

Made with 100% recycled fabrics, without sacrificing the compressive, wicking, and durability features, this lightweight, traditionally lycra-feeling bib performs well in a variety of conditions.

The Italian-made, Elastic Interface® Paris chamois offer dual-density protection making it comfortable for both road and off-road activities.


Women's Continental Cycling Bibs in Black

Continental Bib Shorts

Our Continental Bib is perfect for the new cyclists or those wanting a high-quality bib for medium distances. Constructed with fabric that is made from 100% recycled materials and is incredibly breathable and comfortable. The uppers are a lightweight, stretchy mesh for enhanced comfort while the single-layer leg grippers ensure a secure fit.

The Continental Chamois is a single density foam perfect for rides of 2-4 hours in length. The thermo-molding of the chamois allows for it to comfortably conform to your saddle and body for a close and consistent fit.


Inclement Weather Cycling Bibs for Men and Women
Perfect Cycling Bibs for

Inclement Weather

Thermal bibs with supreme weather protection and warmth.
Men's Storm+ Thermal Water-Resistant Cycling Bibs in Black

Storm+ Thermal Bib Shorts

These bibs will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in wet weather conditions. We have strategically placed 3-layer waterproof fabric in the low-back and surrounding the chamois, providing extra protection where it counts.

While women don't have the bib option, there are 3/4 and full-length Storm+ tights available.

The Elastic Interface® Road Performance Force chamois, is designed specifically for male anatomy, reducing pressure and numbness.


Women's Alpine Thermal Cycling Bibs in Black

Alpine Thermal Bib Shorts

These thermal bibs are great for shoulder seasons, brisk commutes, or early morning training with temperatures between 15° - 60°F. Great for those wanting the versatility of thermal bibs with leg or knee warmers.

Mesh thigh pockets allow for the ablity to bring extra cargo with you but is virtually unnoticable when not in use.

The dual density pad in Elastic Interface® Paris Chamois, also found in our Ascent Vector Range and Ascent Vector Bibs, offers ideal comfort for both road and off-road activities.


Please visit our "Why Cycling Bib Tights" page for a more detailed breakdown of our cool and cold weather tights and bib tights