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37.5® Technology

The most innovative garments in cycling.

The Active Cooling from 37.5® Technology Increases Athletic Performance By Up to 26%

"Wearing a combination of a 37.5 jersey and base layer is the equivalent of wearing an ice vest when it comes to enhanced individual performance." — Preston Brin, 37.5®

In a study done by scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder, thermoregulation clothing with 37.5 Technology was scientifically proven to increase athletic performance by up to 26% by reducing the increase of core temperature during activity. Proven to decrease the rate of core temperature buildup and keep you cool more effectively than wicking. Scientifically proven to increase stamina by reducing the amount of energy used to manage core temperature. Proven to increase efficiency so you use less energy to do the same amount of work.

How it works...

Natural Active Particles
37.5® Technology permanently incorporates ultra-porous volcanic minerals and coconut-derived activated carbon into fabrics, insulations, foams, and laminate materials using our proprietary process.

Powered by Your Own Energy
The temperature regulating materials powered by 37.5 Technology work by absorbing the infrared (IR) energy your body naturally emits, which energizes our active particles to speed evaporation and remove humidity next to your skin.

Increased Surface Area
The billions of micro-pores in 37.5 active particles massively increase the surface area of fibers and other materials to remove moisture at the vapor stage—before you even break a sweat. Unlike wicking materials that simply distribute moisture, the temperature regulating fabrics and materials with 37.5 Technology actually remove it.

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37.5® Technology Up Close

Dive into the microscopic level of 37.5® Technology particles and learn how they interact with moisture to assure you stay dry and comfortable.

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Humidity Demonstration

Humidity has a profound effect on your personal comfort level. Learn how 37.5® Technology works to remove humidity from your microclimate, making you more comfortable at any temperature and any activity level.

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