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Ideal for temperatures ranging from 0° – 40°
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Cold Dry Weather (30° - 45° F)

These cold weather garments have been tested in the high-altitude cold of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Brushed fleece interiors make for a supple and cozy fit against your skin  while high tech thermal outer fabrics shield you from wind chill and frosty temperatures. 


Frigid Weather (0° - 40° F)

With the proper jacket, you can skip a jersey and go with just a base layer. We recommend the Vertex Jacket and Bib Tights, paired with the High Country Wool Base Layer. Add some accessories, like a cap, gaiter, gloves, etc., and you're all set to brave the cold. 


Cold Wet Weather (35° - 55° F)

Water literally rolls off thanks to the bluesign® environmentally friendly, DWR (durable water repellent) finished stretch fabric.



"Pactimo clothing is everything a rider needs to perform at the top level. The bib shorts are durable and comfortable for long hours in the saddle and whether you're battling heat or cold, their gear makes training in the most brutal conditions more bearable."


4x National Cyclocross Champion
Pan-American Champion

“Building the partnership with Pactimo has been really exciting. I've always loved the clothing and the brand and they've been longtime supporters of our non-profit, JAM Fund team. I'm always excited to work with their fantastic development team to give insight on new products.”


Only person in history to hold simultaneous National Champion titles in Road, Criterium and Time Trial

"Pactimo is a great company, a Colorado company, with really good people and amazing clothing. They have supported my coaching company for three years and I am excited to be personally involved and to give back and help them promote their amazing products."


Winningest North American Woman Cyclist with over 95 1st Place Wins

“I’ve been able to design clothing that is representative of my sponsors and my style and I have never sacrificed comfort or performance. Their women’s chamois has been the most comfortable one that I have used in my cycling career and having the choice of a woman’s cut on jerseys and shorts is something I really appreciate. Like a steadfast teammate, Pactimo is always there for you, something every rider can appreciate.”


"I'm really grateful for Pactimo's support over the past few seasons, and I think it's awesome that we partner with a company that produces such a high-end product. No matter the weather outside, Pactimo has me covered from head to toe."


"I'm really happy that Pactimo partners with Rally Cycling. The bib shorts are the best I've ever used. They are the perfect length, have great elasticity and the chamois is top-notch as well. I wear them every day and are my favorite product from Pactimo."

Cold Weather Cycling Bib Tights for Men
Cold Weather Cycling Bib Tights for Men

Men's Vertex WX-D Bib Tight

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OVERVIEW: These thermal, wind and water resistant tights have been designed specifically for cold rain, sleet and snow conditions, and windy temperatures between 0° - 40°F. They are ideal for frigid, winter conditions and/or for riders who may run cold and want the very best in the way of cold weather protection. They have been engineered with a cozy, brushed fleece interior and a Durable Water Repellent (DWR-coated) exterior for excellent protection on flex-points of the legs and hips. For additional protection against freezing road spray we have strategically paneled a 3-layer membrane material with cozy fleece backing in the lower-back area above the chamois and other primary wet-out areas (top of legs, calves, shins). DWR Storm+ fleece material is used in critical-stretch areas for better mobility and comfort. For added safety in low-light, winter conditions we used super bright (350+ lumens) reflective logos and strips on the back of the calves (reflective in motion is ideal for optimal visibility). The Vertex Tight is another one of our pieces that has been vigorously tested in Colorado's frigid winter temps and bears our proprietary WX-D, weather defense seal.

FABRICS & CONSTRUCTION: The most notable feature of the Vertex Tight is the use of zoned fabric placements. This means we utilized stretchy and soft Storm+ fleece in the flex-points of legs and hips, while also strategically placing fleece-backed, 3-layer membrane in areas which require more coverage, such as the low-back area above the chamois and other primary wet-out areas like the top of legs, calves and shins. This ensures maximum mobility while also providing excellent protection from tire-spray on wet rides. Uppers are made from a durable, single layer, raw-edge cut fabric. We have minimized the uppers to reduce bulk and increase breathability so that moisture will transfer away off the body, thereby maintaining a comfortable riding humidity and temperature throughout your cold weather adventure. This lightweight construction allows for more stretch and better comfort across a range of rider body shapes.


    The following OFF BODY inseam lengths were measured on a garment at rest. They may not exactly reflect the ACTIVE inseam length when the garment is being worn due to the combined effects of the 1) the riders's torso and femur length, 2) stretchiness of the material, and 3) the rider's leg musculature.

    XS = 66 cm
    S = 66.5 cm
    M = 67.5 cm
    L = 68.5 cm
    XL = 69.5 cm
    2XL = 70.5 cm

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