Spring 2024 Cycling Kit from Pactimo
Spring '24

New Arrivals

featuring Sandstone, Goldenrod and Spruce

      As cyclists, we find ourselves intricately woven into the very fabric of the landscapes we traverse.

      Each hill conquered and curve navigated whispers of the awe-inspiring beauty enveloping us. This season, our clothing collection transcends mere fabric and design—it's a heartfelt tribute to the breathtaking scenery of Colorado, particularly the mesmerizing landscapes of Colorado Springs. Our choice to draw inspiration from the surroundings of Colorado Springs was born from a deep admiration for nature's masterpiece, painted with vibrant hues from the lush greens of the pine forests to the fiery splendor of sunset skies. Renowned for its Sandstone cliffs bathed in golden hues, the Garden of the Gods inspires our collection. We capture the warmth and adventure of these earthy tones in luxurious fabrics, exuding refined sophistication. Infused with Goldenrod, mirroring the vitality of Colorado's wilderness, our designs radiate joy and vibrancy. Meanwhile, Spruce pays homage to the serene majesty of evergreen forests, adding a touch of tranquility and grace. From jerseys to accessories, our pieces blend seamlessly with the landscape, offering understated elegance.

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