Riding Lookout Mountain
Lookout Mountain is a classic go-to ride for any Denver-based cyclist that’s made frequent appearances at Colorado stage races.
The Ghosts of Gold Camp Road
If you're looking for an incredible ride with a mix of tarmac and gravel, and have an interest in spooky paranormal, you'll love everything about Gold Camp Road.
Riding Garden of the Gods
This incredible city-owned park is truly one of a kind. The site is a National Natural Landmark, having been recognized by the Department of the Interior as "a nationally-significant natural area."
Colorado Gravel Adventures
Gravel riding, for those who may not be up on the latest trends, is all the rage in the world of cycling. It's the friendly pairing of road and mountain biking where enthusiasts abandon pavement for unpaved roads where vehicle traffic is rare, if not altogether absent.
Pactimo Rider: Matthew Ray
Pactimo had the opportunity to meet one of our customers up close and personal when we invited Matthew Ray to participate in our spring photoshoot in Trinidad, Colorado.
Pactimo Rider: Sandy Holt
For nearly 20 years, Sandy Holt of Boulder, Colorado has been an active triathlete, getting started in the sport by a brother. "An older brother. He bet me I couldn't beat him," she laughs. "So we did a spring triathlon together."
Discovering Red Rocks!
When it comes to classic American cycling, few destinations can even attempt to surpass Colorado with its big skies, high altitude and, of course, its magnificent mountains.
From the Heart of Denver
When Ryan White moved from Boston to Denver to accept the position of senior product designer at Pactimo he made the commitment to ride to and from work every day.
Inside Pactimo
Situated in southeast Denver, it is here where much of the brand’s brainstorming occurs, as employees often ride to work or into the nearby hill country. “Colorado is just so integral to who we are, and in every product description we try to tie it back to Colorado somehow,” said Tony Kelsey, the company’s marketing director.
Ride Diary: Rich’s Pactimo Brand Ambassador Trip
“It’s something I’ll never forget and I think it gave me just a taste of what it’s like to be a cyclist in Colorado.” by Rich Lavigne, 2016 Pactimo Brand Ambassador Rich Lavigne, one of our 2016 Brand Ambassadors, won the Grand Prize of an all expense paid trip to Colorado to meet with Pactimo, do […]