Women's Thermal Bib Tights featuring Clip&Pit™
With our easy Clip&Pit™ design in women's thermal bib tights, you can answer the call of nature without having to remove your jersey to pull off bibs straps.
Be Safe. Be Seen.
Our commitment to low-light safety. Reflective tabs and hits offer exceptional visibility in low-light conditions, ideal for morning / evening commutes and variable light conditions.  Riding in low-light conditions such as early mornings, dusk or after dark is almost unavoidable, especially if...
Size Grade Changes in Men's Jerseys/Tops
Better fit across larger sizes. In communication with our customers, we have worked diligently to improve the sizing in our men's XL thru 3XL jerseys and tops.  Size grading, or pattern grading, is the process of creating a range of...
The Ascent Jersey
In over ten years, the Ascent Jersey has never had such a complete makeover. If you've previously purchased an Ascent, you'll notice a complete redesign of this garment for 2020. We've updated the entire jersey, from top to bottom, with new fabric, a new zipper, new pocket design and a new collar.
Everything You Need to Know About MTB Clothing (Podcast)
Learn about the design decisions that go into creating clothing that mountain bikers want to wear on the trail and in the world.
Inside Pactimo
Situated in southeast Denver, it is here where much of the brand’s brainstorming occurs, as employees often ride to work or into the nearby hill country. “Colorado is just so integral to who we are, and in every product description we try to tie it back to Colorado somehow,” said Tony Kelsey, the company’s marketing director.
Inside the Factory
Unlike most of our competitors, we own our factory and everyone who works there is an employee of Pactimo. That means we aren't leasing space in random factories around the globe where they may be making bedspreads one day and cycling clothing the next.