Women's Thermal Bib Tights Featuring Clip&Pit™

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Managing bathroom breaks in traditional bib tights can be cumbersome, but not with our Clip & Pit™ design.

Braving the cold is tough enough without the added inconvenience of stripping off layers like jackets, jerseys, and bibs when nature calls.

By simply unclipping the chest strap on our Clip & Pit™ thermal bibs tights, the stretchy upper and waist girdle let you effortlessly lower the bib or bib tight without the need to remove your jersey or struggle with the straps.

Women's Clip & Pit Cycling Bib Tights - Step 1
Women's Clip & Pit Cycling Bib Tights - Step 2
Women's Clip & Pit Cycling Bib Tights - Step 3

Available in Storm+ and Vertex Thermal Bib Tights

Our Storm+ Thermal Bib Tights come in full length or 3/4 length. These bib tights have been crafted featuring a snug, brushed fleece lining inside, and an exterior treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating.

For additional protection, we strategically paneled a 3-layer waterproof fabric that covers the lower-back and chamois areas (saddle touchpoints) exposed to cold road spray.

Women's Storm+ Thermal 3/4 Bib Tight

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Women's Storm+ Thermal Bib Tight

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These thermal water repelling tights have been designed specifically for chilly conditions where rain, drizzle and road spray may be present during your ride. They are ideal for conditions one would normally associate with the Pacific Northwest, but because of their excellent breathability and 3-season usability, they are also a great choice for rides or commutes in temperatures between 30 - 55° F.

Vertex WX-D Thermal Bib Tights

Our Vertex WX-D Bib Tights are wind and water-resistant, making them perfect for cold rain, sleet, snowy, and windy conditions with temperatures between 0° - 40°F. Similar to the Storm+ Thermal Bib Tights, our Women's Vertex WX-D Bib Tights feature a brushed fleece interior and DWR coating on the exterior.

Perfect for freezing winter conditions or for cyclists who easily feel the cold, providing superior cold weather defense against wintry weather.


Women's Winter Thermal Cycling Bib Tights - Vertex WX-D

To boost safety during low-light, winter conditions, we've incorporated exceptionally bright (350+ lumens) reflective logos and strips on the calves in both the Storm+ (full and 3/4 length) and Vertex WX-D Bib Tights. These reflective elements are designed to optimize visibility, especially in motion.

Water literally rolls off the DWR coating on these winter bib tights.

Ankle zippers allow for easy on and off. These are found on the full-length Storm+ and Vertex WX-D Bib Tights.

Reflective strips on calves of women's thermal cycling bib tights
Water-resistant fabric on women's thermal cycling bib tights
Ankle zipper on women's thermal cycling bib tights

Redefine your winter cycling experience with our Clip & Pit™ thermal bib tights. No more struggling to shed layers when nature calls—simply unclip and handle your business hassle-free.

From Storm+ to Vertex WX-D, these bibs are designed for the cold and wet, offering fleece-lined warmth, water-resistant exteriors, and targeted protection. Whether braving 0° - 55°F temperatures or seeking unmatched visibility in dim light, our bibs deliver. Embrace winter rides with ease and safety, courtesy of our advanced bib tights

Customer Experiences


Took these [Vertex WX-D Bib Tights] out in sub freezing conditions in Main. Was warm and comfy even on an easy ride.

Ashley H.

My third pair! These are the best thermal tights [Vertex WX-D] I own for cold weather riding. You know they must be good if I own 3 pairs!

Nancy W.

Another great product [ Storm+ Thermal Bib Tights]. I rode in the rain yesterday and stayed entirely dry, it was about 40 degrees and I was the perfect temperature.

Sarah M.

These bibs [Storm+ Thermal Bib Tights] kept me really warm and I love that I don't have to strip down to go to the bathroom. Actual bathrooms are sometimes a luxury, so being able to easily 'Clip & Pit' is fabulous!

Martha E.

Very comfortable and perfect for temperatures in the mid 30s to low 60s. Just used them yesterday and they kept me warm and cozy. And I love the "clip and pit"...so much easier when nature calls...!

Deborah W.

Love these! My first pair of bibs [Vertex WX-D] and my first pair of long cycling gear. I love how the bibs can be pulled down without having to take them completely off. Also kept me warm and dry!

Rachel H.