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Premium Level
Summit Collection

Our Premium-Level clothing in the Summit Collection is engineered for the experienced, elite cyclist who demands the best. Jerseys are available in both an aero and a looser (traditional) fit, while the bibs and shorts have been designed to perfrom well on long to all-day rides. This clothing features the world’s finest, high-quality fabrics, performance technology, and chamois. 


Select garments in the Summit Collection feature 37.5® Technology, known for its ability to move heat and moisture away from the body so you stay cooler during exertions and over long distances. This results in up to a 25% increase in athletic performance (results based on an independent University of Colorado study).

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Premium Level Cycling Kits - Men's Summit Collection
Pro-Level Cycling Kits - Ascent Collection
Pro Level
Ascent Collection

Our Pro-Level, Ascent Collection has progressed over the years through input and rigorous testing by dedicated, professional cyclists all over the world. Jerseys in this collection include all the essentials for long-distance comfort and durabilty and are offered in an aero or looser, tradtional fit. Long sleeve, short sleeve, and even sleeveless options are available. Bibs and shorts in this collection perform well over medium distances in a variety of conditions.

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Sport Level
Continental Collection

Our Sport-Level, Continental Collection is perfect for beginner to avid cyclists. Garments in this collection provide the quality, fit, and design Pactimo has become known for, all at an approachable price. Jerseys in this collection offer a roomier, traditional fit while the bibs and shorts provide comfort for medium distance rides.

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Sport Level Cycling Kits - Continental Collection

Continental Collection

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