Indoor Cycling Clothing Collection

Indoor Training

      You don't have to sacrifice your training when the weather turns nasty. This collection will keep you cool and comfortable when you're pedaling indoors.

      Indoor Tops

      Our super lightweight and stretchy Zero-Weight Base Layers have been designed to provide a performance form-fit, optimal moisture transfer and heat regulation during hot rides, making them a great option for the days you're hitting the indoor trainer. The honeycomb structure of the knit not only wicks perspiration away from your body but also facilitates air movement over your skin (especially if you're using a fan) which speeds evaporation and cooling. Only 44 grams in a size medium.

      Indoor Bottoms

      The Range Trail Short & Bib Short Liner, designed to be worn under the Range Trail Lite Shorts, are a great options for indoor training. The stretch mesh that covers the majority of the body is lightweight and extremely breathable ensuring moisture transfer and body temperature regulation. We've also included a top shelf chamois from Italian-manufacturer Elastic Interface® so you'll stay comfy while grinding out those indoor miles. If you want something that offers a bit more coverage, the Summit Classic, Ascent, or Continental Shorts are a great alternative.