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Spring '24 Lookbook

Breathtaking Beauty in our Home State

Colorful Colorado: An Endless Palette of Inspiration

As cyclists, we find ourselves intricately woven into the very fabric of the landscapes we traverse. Each hill conquered and curve navigated whispers of the awe-inspiring beauty enveloping us. This season, our clothing collection transcends mere fabric and design - it's heartfelt tribute to the breathtaking scenery of Colorado, particularly the mesmerizing landscapes of Colorado Springs.

Our choice to draw inspiration from the surroundings of Colorado Springs was born from a deep admiration for nature's masterpiece, painted with vibrant hues from the lush greens of the pine forests to the fiery splendor of sunset skies. The towering Rocky Mountains, the majestic Garden of the Gods, and the vast plains all conspire to offer an endless palette of inspiration, inspiring us to create apparel that echoes the grandeur of the region and the magnificence of the state.

Cyclists Riding at Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods stands as a testament to nature's unparalleled artistry, boasting towering sandstone formations sculpted over eons by the gentle caress of wind and water. These crimson cliffs, juxtaposed against the rugged silhouette of the Rockies, beckon cyclists from every corner of the globe to partake in its majesty, offering vistas that stir the soul and ignite the imagination.

Renowned for its stunning rock formations predominantly composed of Sandstone and conglomerate, the Garden of the Gods serves as our muse. Just as the setting sun bathes the sandstone cliffs in a golden radiance, our collection channels the warmth and adventure inherent in these earthy tones. Picture the rich textures and hues of the sandstone cliffs, translated into luxurious fabrics that effortlessly drape, exuding a sense of refined sophistication.

Women's Sandstone Color Gravel Kit
Men's Sandstone Flyte Cycling Kit
Women's Sandstone Cycling Kit
Men's Sandstone Cycling Kit against Sandstone Formation in Garden of the Gods

But our journey of inspiration doesn't cease there. Infused with the vibrant vitality of the surrounding flora and fauna, our collection embraces Goldenrod - a hue that mirrors the exuberance and dynamism of the Colorado wilderness. Envision fields of wildflowers swaying in the gentle breeze, their golden petals dancing in harmony with the sunlight. With Goldenrod, we breathe life into our designs, infusing them with a radiant joy and vibrancy that mirrors the natural world.

Women's Goldenrod Cycling Wind Jacket on Bike
Cyclist in Men's Mesh Cycling Jersey in Goldenrod Colorway
Cyclist in Women's Mesh Cycling Jersey in Goldenrod Colorway
Cyclist at Garden of the Gods in a Goldenrod Cycling Kit

And then there's Spruce - a tribute to the serene majesty of the evergreen forests that cloak the lower slopes of the nearby Rockies. Like a gentle mountain breeze, Spruce imbues our collection with a sense of tranquility and grace. Whether it's a jersey or accessory items, our Spruce-inspired pieces offer a touch of natural beauty and understand elegance that seamlessly blends with the landscape.

Men's Flyte Cycling Kit in Spruce Green
Men's Gravel Cycling Kit in Spruce Green
Women's Cycling Jersey in Spruce Green
Cycling Riding in Garden of the Gods in a Green Cycling Jersey

Together, these colors weave a captivating tapestry that celebrates the essence of Colorado Springs - a realm of boundless adventures and natural marvels. Whether you're conquering steep mountain ascents or cruising along picturesque byways, our apparel is crafted to deepen your connection to the landscape, enabling you to immerse yourself fully in the splendor that envelops you.

So, as you prepare for your next cycling odyssey, take a moment to honor the colors adorning your kit. They are not merely pigments and dyes, but reflections of Colorado's vibrant spirit, eager to accompany you on your journey through its breathtaking landscapes.

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