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Gravel Cycling

Discovering Colorado's Hidden Gems

Colorado is known for its majestic mountains and stunning landscapes, but there's another side to this cycling haven that's rapidly gaining popularity-gravel cycling. With a network of unpaved roads that wind through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the state, gravel cycling offers a unique adventure for those who crave the thrill of the unknown and the joy of exploration. If you're a cyclist looking to expand your horizons, here's why Colorado's gravel trails should be your next destination.

A New Way to Explore Colorado

Gravel cycling combines the best of road and mountain biking, offering the versatility to explore remote areas without the technical demands of single-track trails. In Colorado, these gravel roads often lead to places where cars are rarely seen, providing a sense of solitude and immersion in nature. The state's diverse terrain, ranging from rolling foothills to high-altitude plains, ensures that every gravel ride is a new adventure.

Colorado Gravel Cycling with Mountain Views

Iconic Gravel Rides in Colorado

Gravel riding on Rampart Range Road in Colorado Springs offers and exhilarating adventure through stunning natural landscapes. This scenic route winds through the Pike National Forest, presenting riders with challenging terrain and breathtaking views of towering pines, rugged cliffs, and expansive valleys. With its mix of gravel surfaces and occasional technical sections, the road appeals to both gravel riders seeking a test of skill and newcomers looking to explore the great outdoors. Be prepared for varying conditions and changing weather, as well as encounters with wildlife like deer and elk. Don't miss the Rampart Rager, a challenging but fun course with incredible views. Overall, Rampart Range Road promises an unforgettable gravel riding experience in the heart of Colorado's wilderness.

Gravel riding on Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs offers an exciting journey through history and nature. Originally a railway route, this now-abandoned road winds through the stunning scenery of the Pike National Forest, providing riders with a mix of gravel surfaces, old railroad tunnels, and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. With its gradual climbs and thrilling descents, Gold Camp Road appeals to gravel enthusiasts of all skill levels. Riders can immerse themselves in the area's rich history while enjoying the serenity of the wilderness. However, be mindful of occasional traffic and wildlife encounters along the route. If you're into paranormal stories, you will especially want to learn more about Gold Camp Road's spooky history. Overall, Gold Camp Road promises a memorable gravel riding experience that combines adventure, history, and natural beauty in the heart of Colorado Springs.

For those seeking shorter rides, the region around Boulder is a gravel cycling paradise. The area's network of dirt roads winds through picturesque farmlands, with views of the Flatirons and beyond. This region is ideal for cyclists who want to experience the beauty of Colorado without venturing too far from urban amenities.

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Gear Up for Gravel Cycling

Gravel cycling requires specialized gear to tackle the varied terrain and unpredictable conditions. A gravel bike with wider tires and a more relaxed geometry is ideal, providing stability and comfort on rough roads. Pactimo's gravel cycling clothing is designed to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, with durable fabrics and performance-driven features. Whether you're facing wind, dust, or rain, our apparel keeps you comfortable and protected throughout your ride.

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The Community and Events

Gravel cycling has also fostered a strong sense of community among riders. Events like the SBT GRVL in Steamboat Springs and the Rad Dirt Fest in Trinidad bring cyclists together for a weekend of camaraderie and competition. These events offer a great opportunity to meet fellow gravel enthusiasts and test your skills on challenging courses.

Other notable rides include the Foco Fondo, Wildhorse Gravel, and Crooked Gravel.

Embrace the Adventure

Gravel cycling in Colorado is more than just a ride-it's an opportunity to explore the state's hidden gems and experience the freedom of the open road. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or new to the world of gravel, Colorado's diverse terrain and vibrant cycling community make it the perfect place to embark on your next adventure. So gear up, hit the trails, and discover the beauty of Colorado's gravel roads.

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