Easy Bathroom Break Cycling Bibs for Women
Product Feature

Easy Nature Breaks With Clip&Pit™

Clip&Pit™ makes pit stops easy!

Bibs can typically be, well, challenging when it comes to bathroom breaks but, with our easy Clip& Pit™ design, you can answer the call of nature without having to remove your jersey to pull off bib straps.

Just unclip the chest strap and the stretchy construction of the uppers and waist girdle allow you to easily pull the bib down as you bend into the natural position for relieving yourself.

Clip & Pit Cycling Bibs - Step 1
Clip & Pit Cycling Bibs - Step 2
Clip & Pit Cycling Bibs - Step 3

For Nearly 2 Years Our Development Team Worked to Perfect Clip&Pit™ Technology.

As part of our ongoing commitment to create a full line of premium clothing for women, we wanted to make bib shorts a viable option for female cyclists.

Of course, we love bibs. They are incredibly comfortable and are truly the best choice when participating in ultra-distance activities. But for female cyclists, bibs can present a real challenge when attempting to relieve oneself because of the need to remove jackets and/or jerseys to get at straps.

To solve this problem, and make bibs a real choice for female cyclists, our development team set out to make a bathroom-break-friendly bib. They tirelessly explored one design concept after another, first with sketches, then with 3-D models. Finally, they developed garment prototypes. Once they settled on a potentially workable solution, they went on the hunt for the exact fabrics that could provide superior support while also offering the stretch needed to facilitate the give in the uppers and waist girdle that would allow the rider to pull the bib down without removing the straps.

With the right fabrics in hand, more prototypes were constructed. Then began the process of functionality testing in every size and across a huge sampling of body types. This is the point in the process when they would be able to answer the question: Is our potentially workable solution a truly innovative answer to the bib challenge?

And, it was!

With just a few tweaks and adjustments, and the addition of the chest clip for stability, Clip&Pit was born. Now, women cyclists can pull down their bib for that necessary moment without having to remove a jacket, jersey, or the bib straps.

Clip Feature on Easy Bathroom Break Cycling Bibs
Clip Feature on Easy Bathroom Break Cycling Bib Shorts for Women

Admittedly, this has been a long process, and in some instances we have overrun our development milestones and product release dates. But, the idea was to create a perfect solution and at no point in the process did we entertain the thought of rushing to market with anything that was not superior in design or performance.

The Clip&Pit feature can be found on 3 of our women's bib shorts and 3 of our women's thermal bib tights.

We hope you can confidently choose a Pactimo bib with Clip&Pit Technology for your next endurance adventure.