Cycling Bib Tights for Cool, Cold, & Frigid Weather

Why Bib Tights?

Bib Tights are the ideal choice for cool and cold weather tights since the inclusion of straps effectively eliminate the need for the uncomfortable and binding waistband that would be required to keep the thermal and water-resistant material in place. Tights without straps tend to slip and ride down over time leaving you with potential areas of exposure to the elements. Slipping also means there may be a shift in chamois placement, which may lead to ride discomfort and possible chaffing. Since the straps hold the tights in place, the function of the waistband changes to a comfortable, extended midsection rise, also constructed of thermal fabric, which keeps your belly and surrounding area protected from wind chill and road spray.

Below is a comprehensive list of all of our Bib Tights:

Stay Warm
Alpine Tights

Our Alpine Thermal Bib Tights are the ideal choice in cool/cold temperatures and eliminates the need to shed warmers during the duration of your adventure. We've also included two lightweight mesh pockets on both legs for easy access to glove liners, warmer packs, snacks or other necessities. For enhanced visibility in low-light winter conditions, we used durable, stretchy reflective applications in the form of hip logos and strips on the thighs and back of calves.

Our Alpine Thermal Tight is one of those perfect pieces to have in your cool-weather rotation. Tights easily slip over summer-weight shorts or bibs to provide a mid-weight, brushed layer of warmth for chilly rides and can be quickly removed, even with shoes, when the temps warm up or before an early morning race.

Thermal Cycling Bib Tights
Storm+ Water Repelling Thermal Cycling Bib Tights
Stay Dry
Storm+ Tights

These thermal water repelling tights have been designed specifically for chilly conditions where rain, drizzle and road spray may be present during your ride. They are ideal for conditions one would normally associate with the Pacific Northwest, but because of their excellent breathability and 3-season usability are also a great choice for rides or commuting in temperatures between 35 - 55° F.

For those who may run hot and prefer less coverage in the lower legs, our Storm+ Thermal ¾ Bib Tights are perfect for you. If full leg coverage sounds more appealing, check out our Storm+ Thermal Bib Tights.

Perfect for Winter
Vertex Tights

These thermal, wind and water resistant tights have been designed specifically for cold rain, sleet and snow conditions, and windy temperatures between 0° - 40°F. They are ideal for frigid, winter conditions and/or for riders who may run cold and want the very best in the way of cold weather protection. They have been engineered with a cozy, brushed fleece interior and a Durable Water Repellent (DWR-coated) exterior for excellent protection on flex-points of the legs and hips.

Winter Cycling Tights for Men & Women
Cycling Clothing for Cold & Cool Weather