Meet the Black History Kit Designers: Andrew Harris + Seitu Barnes
In anticipation of our launch of the PACTIMO x MAJOR TAYLOR IRON RIDERS collection, we sat down with the artists behind this rich design. Every piece of art crafted is developed with purpose. Each element, cultivated with intent. Every color imbued with meaning. We want to enrich your experience of this collection.
Leah Goldstein: 2021 RAAM Champion
In the late evening of June 26th, fifty-two year old cyclist Leah Goldstein was pushing her bike. She was less than 3 miles from winning Race Across America.
My favorite part of cycling: Being a woman
If we want the culture of cycling to be different, we have to show up.
Pactimo Athlete: Adam Popp
In 2007, Adam Popp was injured by an IED in Afghanistan, resulting in the amputation of his right leg above the knee. At the time he was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team Leader and a 12-year combat veteran of the Air Force with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Contador Dethroned: Irish Cyclist Breaks Everesting Record by 20 Minutes
The Everesting record recently set by Alberto Contador has just been toppled by Irish cyclist Ronan McLaughlin with a time of 7:04:41 - which has been confirmed by Hells 500, the Australian group that administers Everesting, breaking Contador's mark by more than 20 minutes.
Ronan's Relentless Raid on Mamore Gap
As Ronan Mc Laughlin allows his aching limbs to recover from his Irish record-breaking assault on Mamore Gap last Sunday, the Donegal native has been reflecting on a ride which delivered far more than he had expected.
How Parkinson's Disease Changed My Life at 36
In January of 2019, at the age of 36, I received some news that would change my life. I have Parkinson's Disease," says David Blanchard, one of our Pactimo Ambassador Club members. Instead of patiently waiting for the disease to spread, David ironically got into the best shape of his life. It wasn't without its fair share of challenges, however.
Pactimo Rider: Matthew Ray
Pactimo had the opportunity to meet one of our customers up close and personal when we invited Matthew Ray to participate in our spring photoshoot in Trinidad, Colorado.
Pactimo Rider: Sandy Holt
For nearly 20 years, Sandy Holt of Boulder, Colorado has been an active triathlete, getting started in the sport by a brother. "An older brother. He bet me I couldn't beat him," she laughs. "So we did a spring triathlon together."
Meet Pactimo's CEO - Frank Kim
CEO Frank Kim and Pactimo's industry-leading catalog of cycling jerseys, bibs, shorts, and outerwear has even outfitted Olympians and National Champions as well as a wide group of professional athletes. "We're a cycling apparel brand," says Kim. "We're focused on what has to do with apparel on the bike."
InTandem - Means Together
InTandem, a NYC-based group enables blind, low vision, or otherwise disabled people to experience cycling for the first time or to get back on the road by pairing them as stokers with trained volunteer captains on tandem bicycles.
Riding With Family
"Cyclists are a tight bunch. My friends and associates are, like my social feeds, filled with people I know or have met through cycling. We look out for one another; care about what's going on in each other's lives; we congratulate, commiserate, and compete."
2,408 miles in 12 days - TCRN06
Perhaps I’d set my sights a little high but I’d now targeted TCR as my first real venture into endurance racing. The rules are simple, the clock starts at 2200hr in Geraardsbergen, Belgium, and stops when you cross the finish line in Meteora, Greece, some 4,000km later having visited the four checkpoints.
Learning to Suffer Saved My Life
"I finished 9,000 miles having to ride at night, in blizzard conditions and in some insane winter winds, but I succeeded and set the next goal to ride the trip of a lifetime; a 7 day bike adventure in Italy with my brother. Throughout it all I noticed I could not sustain the power I was used to easily producing, and began to get dropped on some group rides that I easily was able to handle before."
What Happened at Big Frog 65

The weekend before Big Frog I was recovering from an attack in a road race when I had an exercise-induced asthma attack (thanks, allergies). One minute I'm doing my job, the next it felt like someone was squeezing my lungs and taking my breath away.

A Cycling Adventure Around the World
An Austrian cycle tourist named Florian set off with a heavily loaded bike and his guitar with the aim of cycling round the world. 
The Pactimo Ambassador Experience
As a rider, I’m picky [my friends say tweaky] about my kit. If we dress sharp, we feel good…If we feel good, we go well. The proper cycling shoe color is white, because it’s Euro, and because the European continent is the Mothership of all cycling. Life is way too short to bother with bargain kit.
He Went Pro on $100 a Month - Now He's an Olympian
No cyclist from Lesotho has ever gone to the Olympics. Phetetso Monese, leader of the ACE-The Sufferfest-Lesotho MTB team, has just changed that.
ACE – The Sufferfest Lesotho MTB Team
ACE – The Sufferfest Lesotho MTB Team riders have become local celebrities and great role models – Champions in sport of Champions in life!