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5 Ways to Avoid Getting Dropped
Whether it’s a team ride, weekend bunch ride or race, we all fear getting dropped. It’s either slowly losing the wheel in front of you bit by bit or knowing that the moment the road turns up, you’ll be moving backwards until you’re riding on your own.
10 Ways to Lose Weight Through Cycling
Cyclists seem to always be fretting about their weight… Maybe it’s the skin tight clothing. Or, maybe it’s watching as a rider half your size bombs past on an intense mountain climb–as if you were standing still.
5 Ways to Get a Friend into Cycling
None of us were born bicyclists. Well maybe you were if you are Taylor Phinney and both your parents were professional cyclists. But the rest of us had to get our start somewhere else. In my last post, I mentioned how a friend helped me get into bicycle racing.
Winter Cycling: 6 Things to Keep in Mind
Here's a few tips from Pactimo's own David Newcomer for getting the most out of your winter cycling.
Awe in Every Ride
It grabs us. Momentarily we may stop pedaling, inhale deeper, widen our eyes, maybe even get off our bike altogether and take that Instagram-able photo. Think about the times when you bike to the top of a mountain, looked out...
6 Tips to Take Your Cycling Fitness from Indoors to Outside
Once winter retreats enough to thaw out the bike lanes in your neighborhood, hordes of people will take to the streets again to breath in the fresh air and feel the wind in their face. Here are some tips to ease this transition and keep you upright and rubber side down.
8 Things to Love About Cycling
I was doing some thinking on my ride this morning. There are so many things to love about our sport. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but these are things I share with others, too, about how amazing the bike is.