2024 PAC Code of Conduct


As a Pactimo Ambassador Club member, I agree to the following:

I commit to having fun on my bike, going on epic adventures and riding Pactimo whenever possible.

I commit to engaging other cyclists (saying hello, waving, nodding my the head, etc.) while out on my bike and smiling as often as possible (don’t worry, we know that the further up your climb that smile becomes a grimace).

I commit to taking the time, whenever possible, to ask distressed riders if they need help or assistance.

I commit to follow the laws of the road when riding, as often as I am able.

I commit to regularly sharing my stories, adventures, and rides with Pactimo, my riding buddies, friends, and family on social media, in blogs, through email, and while hanging at the coffee shop or local brewery.

I give Pactimo permission to reuse and repost any blog, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), photo or quote I post in which I am wearing or referencing Pactimo.

I commit to wearing the PAC kit or Pactimo clothing on my rides and/or any other kit Pactimo deems appropriate when I am participating in any PAC sponsored rides.

I commit to spreading the word about Pactimo and having a blast doing it!

I also understand:

If I unsubscribe from the Pactimo email list any time during 2024 I may forfeit my standing and privileges as a PAC member.

If I conduct myself in a rude or disruptive way at events, on social media, or to any Pactimo staff or PAC member and do not abide by the above stated code, I may forfeit my standing and privileges as a PAC member.

Pactimo reserves the right to add and remove members to the club at our discretion for any reason, stated or unstated.