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Virtual Training Club by HUMANGO™

Humango X Pactimo for the PAC

PAC Virtual Training Club

Humango™ is a unique platform designed to improve athletic motivation and performance. And whether you’re an elite athlete or simply enjoy getting outdoors to exercise, it will help you train more efficiently than ever before.

The Humango Virtual Training Club for the PAC is a private, members only training club where everyone is on their own hyper-personalized training plan, but can jump into Pactimo scheduled group workouts (virtual or in person) in the Groups section of the app. This Group can function as a place for sharing training experiences, photos, videos, training tips as well as leader boards, rewards for training (future feature), and more.

30 days FREE for PAC Members

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Just two steps to join the PAC Virtual Training Club at Humango!

1. Sign up with the form on this page.

2. Follow the instructions on the next page to create your account on the Humango App.