Frigid Weather (0° - 40° F)

Frigid Weather (0° - 40° F)


      Our Frigid Weather Collection has been meticulously designed to tackle Colorado's ever-changing climate extremes.

      Just because temps are below 40°F doesn't mean you need to layer up like Ralphie's brother in the movie A Christmas Story.

      Crafted from weather-shielding fabrics, our collection ensures unparalleled protection against the biting cold. With the right jacket, you can forgo a jersey and rely solely on a base layer for warmth. We recommend our Vertex Jacket and Bib Tights, paired with the Thermoregulator Base Layer, for maximum insulation. Complete your ensemble with accessories like a cap, gaiter, and gloves, and you're ready to conquer the cold with confidence. Embrace the challenge of cycling in sub-40°F temperatures without feeling weighed down, ensuring you ride comfortably and stylishly through Colorado's frosty landscapes.

      Ideal for frigid temperatures between 0° - 40° F.

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