Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp
The Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp presented by Source Endurance was held over the last weekend of January. It promised to be a tough three day weekend with over 180 miles of riding covering as much of the course as was possible and picking up over 15,000' of elevation gain.
A Cycling Adventure Around the World
An Austrian cycle tourist named Florian set off with a heavily loaded bike and his guitar with the aim of cycling round the world. 
5 Ways to Avoid Getting Dropped
Whether it’s a team ride, weekend bunch ride or race, we all fear getting dropped. It’s either slowly losing the wheel in front of you bit by bit or knowing that the moment the road turns up, you’ll be moving backwards until you’re riding on your own.
Paris Roubaix - A Pactimo Ambassador's Experience

I have ridden bikes for over 20 years before I traveled to France, in all disciplines MTB, Road, cyclocross and track, but i have not ever ridden on the ‘french’ cobble stones...

5 Affordable Bike Upgrades
Spring has Sprung! If the bike is seeing a bit more attention than it has in the last few months, or maybe it has taken a bit of a beating with some winter riding, here are a few important and affordable things to upgrade your bike. Guaranteed to make an immediate and positive impact!
The Pactimo Ambassador Experience
As a rider, I’m picky [my friends say tweaky] about my kit. If we dress sharp, we feel good…If we feel good, we go well. The proper cycling shoe color is white, because it’s Euro, and because the European continent is the Mothership of all cycling. Life is way too short to bother with bargain kit.
Pactimo Supports World Bicycle Relief this #GivingTuesday
Pactimo, a longtime supporter and clothing partner of World Bicycle Relief (WBR) is extremely proud to the global nonprofit this #GivingTuesday. For over 10 years, they have been dedicated to distributing specially designed, high quality bicycles through philanthropic and social enterprise programs.
He Went Pro on $100 a Month - Now He's an Olympian
No cyclist from Lesotho has ever gone to the Olympics. Phetetso Monese, leader of the ACE-The Sufferfest-Lesotho MTB team, has just changed that. – Water Gives Play
“When kids have access to safe water, there is more time to play!” by From now through the end of July, is celebrating “water gives play” – when kids have access to safe water at home, they have time to play. Summer is a time for fun and play. Yet, for millions of kids who […]
Ride Diary: Rich’s Pactimo Brand Ambassador Trip
“It’s something I’ll never forget and I think it gave me just a taste of what it’s like to be a cyclist in Colorado.” by Rich Lavigne, 2016 Pactimo Brand Ambassador Rich Lavigne, one of our 2016 Brand Ambassadors, won the Grand Prize of an all expense paid trip to Colorado to meet with Pactimo, do […]
New Year’s Resolution(s)
“…the trick is to set a goal that is realistic and attainable.” by Patricia Schwager, ALP Cycles Coaching If you are a pro-athlete, you should have sat down already (a while ago) and thought about the plus and minus’s of the 2015 season. You should already have planned and be working on an even better […]
5 Tips on Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain
Below are five tips on how you can avoid gaining weight this holiday season and keep on track with your training. by Jennifer Sharp, ALP Cycles Coaching It’s the holidays and your Aunt’s green bean casserole just wouldn’t taste the same without those fried crunchy onions on top. And she would never forgive you if you […]
Tips to Avoid the Flu Season
Keeping up with your training routine while you are fighting a cold or the flu is very bad advice. by Patricia Schwager, ALP Cycles Coaching Having to deal with a cold or flu is no fun. Getting sick is always a setback in training. It takes time and energy to recover from a cold or […]
Proper Cycling Posture
Take a minute to think about it – if your position and how you sit on the bike is a position that you would not do a push-up in, then your posture on the bike is wrong. 
ACE – The Sufferfest Lesotho MTB Team
ACE – The Sufferfest Lesotho MTB Team riders have become local celebrities and great role models – Champions in sport of Champions in life!
Getting in Touch with Why
Suddenly riding a bike isn’t just about riding a bike. It’s a way of life, a lifestyle, a choice. by Jennifer Sharp, ALP Cycles Coaching Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know why you like to ride your bike, do intervals, work where you work, and live where you live? Can you […]