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5 Tips For Organizing
a Weekly Ride

Group Rides Can be One of the Best Cycling Experiences

Getting together with your team and taking the time to ride is one of the most beautiful parts of our sport. The lifelong friendships, shared laughs, and connections made on the bike are among my favorite experiences. Period.

1. Plan in Advance - A standing ride makes sense, but if your team doesn't have one, make sure you give a week's notice or so to make sure people can plan to attend.

2. Make Rides Inclusive, not Exclusive - Invite everyone from the team and others you know who ride! This is a great time to make new connections and everyone has something to offer. Taking the time to welcome new members or people who may not be as familiar with this beautiful sport will help build a strong team that grows.

3. Start and End at a Convenient Time and Place - Coffee or beer sponsor? No brainer, right? And if someone needs to drop off, they still know where to go.

4. Be Safe. Plan Safe Routes and Ride Responsibly - As ambassadors of the sport (and your team and sponsors), it's imperative that we set a good example. Group rides can be challenging for motorists to understand, so stick to no more than two-abreast, obey traffic signals and be courteous.

5. Ride Speed is Dictated by the Slowest Rider, not Fastest - It's a group ride, after all. Take it easy and enjoy the time with your team. Maybe set a couple designated springs, but re-group afterward. Most of us ride solo for the majority of our miles. If you've got a big group, consider splitting based on pace and ability, but otherwise, sit in and enjoy the ride.

Group rides can be one of the best experiences a rider has. When so much of our time is spent training alone, the opportunity to ride with friends can breathe new life into the activity. Conversely, if miss-managed, it can also be an unpleasant - even isolating or discouraging activity. Keep safety and inclusion forefront in your mind and it's hard to go wrong.

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