Indoor Cycling Clothing Advice
Cycling Clothing Advice

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Indoor Cycling

You Don't Have To Sacrifice Your Training When The Weather Turns Nasty.

Our curated collection for indoor cycling will keep you cool and comfortable when you're pedaling miles on the trainer.

Pactimo Indoor Cycling Tops for Men
Pactimo Indoor Cycling Tops for Women

Indoor Tops

Anyone who has done extended indoor riding knows you're going to sweat like a beast!

That's why you'll want the super lightweight and stretchy Summit Base Layer.

It has been designed to provide a performance form-fit, optimal moisture transfer and heat regulation during hot rides, making it a fantastic option for the days you're hitting the indoor trainer.

Summit Base Layer

For Men

Summit Base Layer

For Women

The honeycomb structure of the knit not only wicks perspiration away from your body but also facilitates air movement over your skin (especially if you're using a fan) which speeds evaporation and cooling. And, it's only 44 grams in a men's size medium.

What sets the Summit Base Layer apart from other base layers, is the use of woven Cocona particles from 37.5 Technology. Those amazing, little particles attract humidity and use the wearer's body heat to rapidly transfer perspiration from the interiror of the garment to the exterior.

This rapid transfer of moisture ensures a regulated body temperature and can increase athletic performance by as much as 25% (results based on an independent University of Colorado study). This means you can ride longer and harder while staying cooler.

Indoor Bottoms

Indoor training means lots of time in the saddle.

To offset all the pressure on your bum, we recommend our Summit Stratos 12-Hour Bibs™.

Indoor Cycling Bibs for Men

Summit Stratos 12-Hour Bibs

For Men
Indoor Cycling Bibs for Women

Summit Stratos 12-Hour Bibs

For Women

The Stratos Bib Short was developed specifically for ultra-endurance events like the Tour Divide and Dirty Kanza and are regularly recognized throughout the industry as an exceptional long distance bib. Road Cycling UK said they are among the very best they've ever tested. Bike Rumor described them as some of the best performing bibs they've ever tested.

Men's 12-Hour Bib Short Chamois Details

The 2nd Generation Endurance Anatomic Chamois from Italian manufacturer Elastic Interface® was designed to our strict specifications and is guaranteed to provide ultra-endurance comfort, which will surely be appreciated when you're stuck indoors.

Thanks to a combination of lightweight and breathable mesh around the waist and raw-edge cut, double-knit straps, the uppers in this bib will completely disappear from your training session to ensure the ultimate comfort.

Ultimately, when it comes to indoor riding, breathablilty and comfort are your best friends. Gear that is lightweight and high performing will go a long way when you physically can't get outside.