What Should You Wear Cycling in Different Temperatures

What to Wear in Different Temperatures

Quick tips on what to wear in specific temperatures.

It's 42 degrees outside, potential snow ahead, and you've got 2 hours of climbing intervals ahead of you. What the heck do you wear?!

This is probably one of the more popular questions one is thinking about pre-ride or asking fellow buddies and teammates. You know what I'm talking about! That moment before starting a ride and you are looking around at what everyone else is wearing, second-guessing your clothing selection.

Never second-guess again with these quick tips on what to wear in specific temperatures and weather conditions.


Recommendations for frigid cold days with temperatures 32° F & below:

Some people will say you're crazy if you're riding in temperatures 32° F, but in actuality, cold rides can be a lot of fun so long as the roads are free of ice. After all, there's a certain mystique with cyclists being a bit crazy when it comes to ridiculous distances and being on the bike in less than optimal conditions. Sure, there's a different set of challenges in the extreme cold, but you'll have years of bragging rights when you head out in the freezing cold.

Properly layering for the cold will help you stay warm, especially as your body temperature rises from the effort. You'll notice we have not included a jersey in the list below, which might seem odd, but the added bulk and layer of a jersey will only add to increased body temperature and excess sweating since that will only lead to hypothermia when you come to a stop. They key is to select the correct base layer and jacket that will retain body head while blocking outside chill.

For cold and wintry rides, wear:

- Thermal Bib Tights
- Wool or Thermal Base Layer
- Thermal Jacket
- Winter or Wool Socks (1-2 pairs)
- Wind-blocking Shoe Covers
- Winter Gloves
- Thermal Beanie or Cap with ear coverage
- Neck Gaiter or Balaclava to protect your face

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Recommendations for For cold dry days and temperatures between 30° - 45° F:

You might still be considered crazy to ride in these temperatures but, the dedicated rider always finds a way. These garment suggesstions are perfect for the in-between well below freezing but cold enough that it is not considered shoulder season weather to keep you warm and comfortable. Keep layering in mind.

For cold dry days, wear:

- Thermal Bib Tights
- Long Sleeve Wool or Thermal Base Layer
- Long Sleeve Jersey
- Thermal Jacket
- Thick Shoe Covers (1-2 covers)
- Gloves (1-2 pairs)
- Warm Socks (think merino wool or synthetic) - cotton takes forever to dry and when wet, stays wet, where wool or synthetic dry quicker and could be wet but still keep you warm.
- Thermal Cap or Beanie
- Neck Gaiter or Balaclava to protect your face


Recommendations for For cool weather with temperatures between 40° - 55° F:

Rapidly changing weather conditions occur and can be difficult to plan for. Prepare for these unpredictible conditions with a variety of weather defense and layering options. Layers are your best friend for these situations, because you can add to or take off garments as the temperature changes and you feel warmer or cooler.

For cool weather rides, wear:

- Bibs plus Leg or Knee Warmers
- Long Sleeve Jersey OR
- Short Sleeve Jersey with Arm Warmers
- Short Sleeve sweat-wicking Base Layer
- Wind Jacket or Vest
- Socks
- Long or Short Gloves
- Cap


Recommendations for warm weather with temperatures between 70° - 100° F:

For those summer days, it's best to think of gear that will keep you cool and dry. While you may think adding an extra layer of clothing would overheat you, the truth is, many base layers help wick the sweat away from your body to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. The trick is, finding the right one.

Sun sleeves or summer sleeves is another garment that seems contradictory. The thought of covering your arms when it's 95°F outside seems like a terrible idea, but just like the right base layer, sun sleeves help wick mositure away from your body. They also carry the additional benefit of protecting you from the sun's harsh rays.

For warm weather rides, wear:

- Bib Shorts or Shorts
- Sweat-Wicking Short Sleeve or Sleeveless Base Layer
- Short Sleeve, Mesh, or Sleeveless Jersey
- Summer Short Finger Gloves
- Sweat-Wicking Socks
- Summer or Sun Sleeves to protect your arms from UV rays.


Recommendations for rainy days and wet weather rides:

Just like below freezing temperatures, people may think you are crazy to go out and ride when it's raining, wet, or rain is in the forecast. Sometimes it's by choice, other times you are caught off guard, but whaterver the reason, always be prepared.

Plenty of gear is lightweight and packable to fit in your jersey pocket, so you will have a sense of protection when you need it. Always be careful on wet roads and paths as they can become slippery and dangerous, and of course always pay attention to lightning in the area.

For rainy or wet rides, wear or bring with you:

- Rain Jacket or Rain Vest
- Water-Repellent Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve Jersey
- Water-Repellent Bibs
- Water-Resistant Shoe Covers
- Water-Resistant Gloves
- Use vaseline on feet and legs to add extra protection from cold/rainy rides.