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FEATURED BLOGGER:   Alison Powers - Triple National Champion

ALP Cycles Coaching 2019 Year End Review

ALP Cycles Coaching 2019 Year End Review

"Racing this gravel race was a great learning experience and a great personal challenge."

by Alison Powers, ALP Cycles Coaching

As the last few days of 2019 come to a close, I'd like to give thanks to our community of athletes who have allowed ALP Cycles Coaching to be a part of their cycling journey. Our athletes represent many disciplines: road, track, para-cycling, cyclocross, mountain biking, gravel, and Zwift. This hard-working group of like-minded individuals compete not only locally, regionally, nationally, but also internationally! We feel fortunate to work with so many talented, dedicated and hard-working athletes and wanted to give a little recognition and some stats about these incredible people. 

ALP Cycles Athletes reside in: Colorado, Washington, Illinois, Texas, Kansas, Oregon, Iowa, California, Canada, North Carolina, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Chile. 

Our CycloCross racers are nearing the end of a long season - with one racer targeting the Irish National Championships in early January (go, Maria!). One of these very talented athletes was on all but one podium in every local race she entered (heck, yeah Suzie!). And many racers approached cross in order to overcome muddy obstacles, run over barriers and do their personal best in a sport that shows no mercy. We salute you! 

Jen and Wendy ALP Cycles Coaching

Photo: Coach Jen Sharp and stoker/athlete Wendy Werthaiser competing at the ParaPanAmerican Championships in Lima, Peru.

I love getting texts from athletes on the weekends with a surprise photo of them on the podium. We know and understand how much time, effort, sacrifice and work they've put into getting there. And we also recognize that it takes an army of support behind each person you see standing up there. So thank you, family members and friends, who contribute in ways big and small to helping athletes achieve successes they do. 

And lastly, I'd like to thank the talented group of coaches on the ALP Cycles Coaching squad; Alison, Brie, And Paddy. It is an honor to work with all of you and learn from one another, not to mention share a laugh while we ride bikes.

Paddy and Brie ALP Cycles Coaching

Photo: ALP Coaches Paddy and Brie this past summer teaching skills to ALP Athletes.

May 2020 be an amazing start to a new decade and I can't wait to cheer all of you on as you continue to realize your personal and cycling goals!




Alison Powers

Now retired from racing, Alison Powers is the only person, in history, to win all three road discipline National Championships in one year (Road, Criterium and Time Trial - 2014). These go along with two previous national championships (Time Trial 2008, Team Pursuit 2008), two National Racing Calendar titles, and a 2nd place at the Leadville 100 mountain bike race (2013, 7:26hrs). Today she is the owner of ALP Cycles Coaching where she teaches road, cyclocross, and mountain bike clinics, and high performance race preparation and tactics. Alison is also team director for ALP Cycles Racing, a professional women's road and cyclocross team based in Boulder, Colorado.

ALP Cycles Coaching

Colorado-based ALP Cycles Coaching has over 25 years of professional sports experience. Each coach brings specific strengths and personal experiences to coaching sessions while collaborating to create a training plan that works for each and every person. Learn more at

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