ALP $500 All the Surfaces Race

ALP $500 All the Surfaces Race

Win big on a 10-mile Strava Segment Course.

by Alison Powers, ALP Cycles Coaching

UPDATE: Thanks to Homes By Jackie Jones, our $500 prize purse has now been increased to $1,000! We are now able to expand the prize list and, as always, if entries go above the initial $500, we'll increase the prize purse even more.

Thank you Jackie and Josh!

Here at ALP Cycles Coaching, we pride ourselves in being able to ride, coach, and race on all surfaces and with any kind of bicycle. Being well rounded and confident on any bike and on any surface is the key to riding enjoyment. 

With this in mind, we have created our $500 All the Surfaces Race. A 10-mile Strava Segment course, in Boulder, Colorado, that includes; pavement, dirt, and singletrack. We've sweetened the pot and are offering $500 in prize money. Bonus, if entries add up over $500 (now $1,000), we'll add that money into the prize purse. 

We also have a Segment within the Segment Race. The Bobo Climb. 

Here's the scoop:

  • To be included in the results and the prize money, you must register and pay the $15 entry fee here. Registration closes August 10th. 
  • You have two weeks to ride the segment as fast as possible. You can race it once, you can race it 20 times. Race dates are August 10th-23rd. Any segment ride times outside those dates will not be counted.
  • You can ride any bike you'd like to (we suggest a CX or Gravel Bike).
  • You must have a Strava account and your segment race must be public (or else you won't be counted).
  • Don't ride/race like a douche. Respect the rules of the road, exercise proper trail etiquette, be nice.
  • ALP Cycles is not responsible for how you ride your race. Be safe, be fast, be respectable.  

The Money:

Our prize purse starts at $500. If entries total more than $500, we'll add that money to the prize purse (invite your friends and your friends friends). 

We'll give equal money to the top 3 female and male riders:

1st - $100
2nd - $60
3rd - $40

We have a 50 and ver category top female and male rider.

1st - $50

Did you get a flat during your segment? Double flat? We also have a Lanterne Rouge prize - an ALP Be Magical Shirt and a box of BoBo Bars. 

The Segment: Strava Link Here

Alp Cycles All Surfaces Trail

ALP Cycles Surfaces Trail

ALP Cycles Surfaces Trail

ALP Cycles Surfaces Trail

The start is just off 51st on the little road that comes in from the church. 

Ride on 51st, it turns to dirt into 55th, then turn left on Niwot/Neva Rd.

At mile 6.2, turn off Neva and onto the singletrack trail on the left. 

Follow along the trail, over the green grates and through the gates. Your next turn is up the Eagle Trail (a short/hard singletrack climb). 

The Eagle Trail is the Segment within the Segment race. The BoBo Climb; 26 - miles with an average grade of 8%. The fastest riders on this segment will win a box of BoBo Bars. 

Once you've topped out, ride along the ridge to the next gate. The finish is just through the gate at the intersection of the Eagle and Mesa Reservoir Trails.

In total 10.35 miles. 

Our All The Surfaces Race is open to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and get a great ride/workout/race in. If you have questions, feel free to reach out and ask. 

Good luck!