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Men's Navy Blue "12-hour" Cargo Bib Shorts - Front View
Men's Navy Blue "12-hour" Cargo Bib Shorts - Thigh Pocket
Men's Navy Blue "12-hour" Cargo Bib Shorts - Mesh Back Pockets
Men's Navy Blue "12-hour" Cargo Bib Shorts - Back View
Men's Navy Blue "12-hour" Cargo Bib Shorts - Back Pockets

Men's Range Stratos Cargo Bibs

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Make your next ride an epic adventure with the Men's Range Stratos Cargo Bibs! Loaded with features like the one-of-a-kind Elastic Interface® Endurance Anatomic Super Air Chamois for lasting comfort and four stretch-mesh pockets for loading up on supplies, these amazing bibs will get you ready for any adventure. Plus, the zippered pocket in the back is the perfect place for your keys, cards and cash.


The Range Stratos Cargo is the 12-Hour Bib™ for off-road adventures. It not only includes the one-of-a-kind Elastic Interface® Endurance Anatomic Super Air Chamois that has proven to provide lasting comfort in ultra-endurance events like Unbound Gravel, but this bib includes 4 stretch-mesh pockets so you can load up on supplies for an epic adventure. Two thigh pockets offer easy access to nutrition and immediate necessities while two lower back pockets allow for the carrying of extra supplies. An additional zippered pocket in the back is perfect for keys, cards or cash.

The extremely durable Cerami–K fabric, noted by its unique dotted pattern, provides uninhibited movement, long distance comfort and heat dissipation during maximum exertion. Lightweight mesh and raw-edge uppers give excellent support while also offering an accommodating fit for a variety of torso lengths. Raw-edge leg bands guarantee a slip-free yet non-binding fit. These bibs are the ideal choice for those who want guaranteed comfort on extreme adventures, all-day rides and self-supported road/gravel races.

• Swiss-milled Cerami–K fabric
• 2nd Generation Elastic Interface® Endurance Anatomic Super Air chamois
• Mesh and raw-edge cut uppers
• Two mesh thigh pockets
• Two mesh lower back pockets with mini pump loop
• A small, zippered valuables pocket in the back for cards and keys
• Raw-edge leg bands
• Reflective accents

Guaranteed comfort on extreme adventures

12-Hour Cargo Cycling Bibs - Stratos Thigh Pocket

2 Stretch Leg Cargo Pocket

Two cargo pockets on the thighs. They can be packed for easy access to food or necessities during your extreme adventure, when not in use they lay completely flat and are hardly noticeable.

4 Stretch Mesh Pockets

We've also included a loop on the back to hold a mini pump in place when carried in one of the lower back pockets.

12-Hour Cycling Bibs - Stratos Fabric

Cerami–K Fabric

Constructed with Swiss-milled, ceramic-print fabric that is super lightweight and extremely durable while also offering and even-compression fit for all day support and heat dissipation.

12-Hour Cargo Cycling Bibs - Stratos Pockets

 Reflective accents + Mesh Leg bands

Single layer, mesh knit leg bands guarantee a slip-free fit while also allowing for moisture movement away from the skin.

Men's Cycling Bibs - Uppers

Raw Edge Uppers

The uppers are not only extremely supportive, but incredibly comfortable as well, so much so, that we say they will disappear during your ride. We've used a combination of breathable/lightweight mesh around the waist and raw-edge cut, double-knit fabric for the shoulders and front straps.

Endurance Chamois
Anatomic 2

An ultra long distance pad with a uniquely perforated foam underlayer that offers optimal breathability and superior endurance comfort. The combination of different foams and different densities also delivers superior support in the key pressure zones while adhering softly to the athlete’s body.

Industry Review

They are hands down the most comfortable bib shorts I've tried. Logo
Summit Stratos Range 12-Hour Bibs in Navy Blue

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