Sunscreen & Reflective Clothing

Reflective clothing should be treated with special care

The reflective material used in the arm, leg and rear panels of our garments featuring Reflective Technology (RT) is actually quite durable. It will stretch nicely, wear exceptionally well over time, and is not effected in any way by sun, rain or other weather conditions.

But sunscreen is the enemy of RT clothing!

Sunscreen is the one thing that can damage and actually destroy the RT fabric. Because of that, we suggest you use caution with all types of lotions when wearing our reflective clothing.

- Here's what we recommend -

Before Your Ride

Always apply sunscreen before you put on your RT garment.

Then make sure your hands are clean when adjusting your arm or leg bands.

During Your Ride

If you need to reapply sunscreen during your ride, make sure to fold the arm or leg bands up to protect the RT fabric.

Apply sunscreen.

Clean your hands as thoroughly as possible.

Then fold the RT fabric back down.  


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