Lightweight Cycling Bib Short for Men - Front View
Lightweight Cycling Bib Short for Men - Back View
Lightweight Cycling Bib Short for Men - Long Length Front View
Lightweight Cycling Bib Short for Men - Long Length Back View

Men's Summit Strike Bibs

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The Summit Strike is the perfect option for those who want a supportive and dense pad but prefer a smaller chamois footprint and a less compressive fit in an extremely lightweight, medium to long distance bib. While the material looks a great deal like the fabric used in our Summit Raptor Bib, it has a much finer yarn construction, making the hand-feel of the material exceptionally soft and silky.  Similarly, since it is not knit as tightly as the Raptor fabric, it is much less compressive. The Elastic Interface® chamois in this bib has a smaller footprint with reduced density at the front and sides, all of which contributes to the bib's light weight and minimal feel when worn. Flash coldblack® technology ensures a regulated body temperature by pushing perspiration away from the skin while also reflecting UV rays. Breathable stretch uppers with a laser-cut bridge and single layer, stretch leg bands round out the meticulous comfort features. Reflective stitching in rear and side seams ensure added visibility in low-light conditions.  

Bike Rumor Editor's Choice"The Summit Strike helped me to discover that apparently I prefer less compressive bib shorts. That’s not all that surprising considering that I have comparatively wider thighs and glutes than many riders who find themselves wearing size small. After riding them, I was in love. They are built with a less compressive Schoeller fabric that is luxuriously soft and includes Flash coldblack technology to keep you cool. I like them with the shorter 4cm MARC Ether gripper, and the Elastic Interface chamois proved to be up to the task for long days in the saddle." 


FABRICS & CONSTRUCTION: To ensure superior comfort and a refined stabilizing fit, we've utilized lower stretch mesh support panels and a super-flexible, laser-cut bridge across the upper back. The unique application of the soft, micro-thin bridge eliminates the need for edge-binding of any kind from the middle of the back all the way to the front seam of the knit straps. This allows the both the straps and stretch points to lay flat, reducing chafe points and accommodating a broad range of torso lengths. Flash coldblack® technology throughout the body fabric pushes heat and perspiration away from your skin while also reflecting UV rays so you stay dry and cool, even on the hottest days.  The Elastic Interface® chamois is engineered with a varying density perforated pad with ultra-dense foam located in the sit-bone area that tapers down at the front and sides.

•TotalFit™ with Swiss-made Schoeller fabric
•Breathable stretch uppers with laser-cut bridge for reduced chaffing
•Italian-made Elastic Interface® Road •Performance Force chamois
•MARC Ether 4 cm or 7 cm lightweight impregnated silicone leg grippers
•Flash coldblack® technology
•Designed with Silhouette™ Articulation
•Contoured seaming for exceptional fit
•Reflective rear and side stitching for added safety in low-light conditions
•Flatlock stitching


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