2021 PAC Hosted Rides

Now that Covid restrictions are easing, we'd like to ask for more of your help in bringing Pactimo to your community. We're looking for PAC members who want to organize a ride to build engagement with Pactimo in your local community. We are asking for proposals per the details below. Our goal is to select several of these proposals to receive "official" Pactimo support in swag, food, etc. Potentially, these selected rides will become model cases for a larger rollout of local events in 2022. See below for details and how to submit a proposal.

Note: you can submit more than one ride proposal!  


A community involved ride hosted and organized by you and 1-2 of your friends.

This is meant to be an accessible and fun ride, not an all out race. The focus can be simply riding with old and new friends, or it could help benefit a local cause by raising awareness. At this time, these rides are only for adults 18+.

To be clear, this is not a sponsorship for solo rides or established events. This would be a route you come up with and organize for your community.


Ideally, hosts would be PAC members, but it is not required as long as the main host is a PAC member. We ask that hosts wear Pactimo and are responsible for planning, promoting, and managing the ride. Responsibilities also include confirming registration and waiver completion with our online support. Of course, the number one role of a host is to bring the FUN!


Anytime between July - December 2021


We want to help build a Pactimo community in your area. we firmly believe that once people get to know us, they will love us.


  • Online registration and waiver forms. We will send a link that you can simply forward to others via social, email, or text. They can complete these forms online. NOTE: All rides will be capped at 50 participants.
  • Financial support from Pactimo for snacks/drinks before or after the ride ($10 / rider participant).
  • A $200 Pactimo Store Credit to our Branded apparel for each host (limit 2-3 people).
  • Water bottles, discount cards, and stickers to hand out to participants.


If you are picked, our marketing team will contact you to work through the details. Only a limited number of submissions will be chosen, so please be sure to get your proposal in as soon as possible! If you have multiple routes in mind, you can submit more than one proposal.

All of us at Pactimo thank-you for your partnership in building the Pactimo brand. May this summer bring miles of safe adventure as you hit the roads and trails.

***Please note, at this time we are only accepting ride proposals for US locations.***