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2016 Brand Ambassador Program



Are you an active, passionate cyclist who is excited about the Pactimo brand,
culture and clothing?

A Pactimo Brand Ambassador is someone who loves time on their bike. They may belong to a club or team, might race or participate in endurance rides, might ride road, mountain, cyclocross or all three – but more than anything, they possess a deep passion for everything cycling.

Colorado-inspired Pactimo has now surpassed 10 years providing some of the best cycling apparel on the planet.  We’ve equipped Olympians, national champions, elite athletes, and groups of friends making a difference in a charity ride. We’ve also been “imPACtful” – our way of saying Pactimo has had an impact – through apparel technology innovation and our dedication in giving back to the global community.

Becoming a Pactimo Brand Ambassador allows you to enjoy your love for our sport while sharing a world-class cycling apparel company with your friends, colleagues and fellow lovers of cycling.

Are you a candidate?

This year we will be selecting ambassadors from the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany who possess the following qualities (not all are absolutely required):

  • Active with a local club and group rides
  • Love sharing cycling experiences with other people
  • Active and knowledgable on social media
  • Passionate about the Pactimo brand
  • Knowledgeable and informed about cycling culture
  • Willing to spread the word about Pactimo, our products and culture

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