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5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Cycling Vest

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5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Cycling Vest

A Vest is an easy way to layer for changing weather

by David Newcomer / Customer Service Manager

Whether you’re a year-round commuter, fair weather fan with an annual event, or a seasoned racer, the humble vest is a key component to any kit.

Here are five reason why you should consider a vest:

  1. Versatility – Even on the best of days, a ride can start or end cooler than you expect. Coupled with arm warmers, you’re essentially wearing a jacket. But if it starts to warm up (or as you do), it can be easily shed. You can keep the warmers on for a bit, too, so rather than pulling off a jacket – which can be a bit of a shock – you can ease into it.
  1. Layering – You’ve heard the benefits of layering for cold weather and better sweat management. The vest meets these needs squarely and for cyclists travelling at higher speeds, it offers the benefits of wind and moisture protection as well.
  1. Long Rides – Long training days and events can bring a lot of changes in weather. And over a period of hours, your body’s ability to maintain temperature varies based on hydration, nutrition and exertion over the course. On long rides with varied terrain or unexpected weather, or physical response to conditions, having a vest on hand can make all the difference.
  1. Descending! – All work and no play…You’ve earned the downhill on your ride, and worked up a sweat in doing so. Coming down is fast, fun and worth it all. But you’re not working as hard as you did coming up and that sweat you’ve accumulated is going to be chilly if it’s left exposed to the wind. Donning a vest at the top – along with warmers and maybe some fingered gloves – make all the difference in the world. We’ve got some beautiful, high-altitude, and long descents in Colorado. Don’t be caught off guard!
  1. Stow-ability – Another benefit to a vest is its stow-ability. Paired with warmers, the items can be divided among pockets to better carry when not in use making it easier to justify bringing them along in the first place. No more suffering through the cool start or carrying a bulky kacket later in the day. 

Pactimo Custom offers two vests for your cycling needs. The Evergreen Vest is a lighter weight vest, perfect for cool mornings, light winds and even a bit of precip. It maintains a high degree of breathability with a mesh back and compacts nicely into a jersey pocket. The Breckenridge WX-D is designed for rougher or persistent weather, and has three large pockets with the assumption that it’s on for a longer portion of the day. Check them out at

About the Author

David, Customer Service ManagerA lifelong commuter and amateur racer in road, CX and MTB, David Newcomer has experience with just about every aspect of our sport. A former race director of the Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb, and Executive Director of one of the largest cycling clubs in Colorado, he brings a wide range of experience to share with others. David is the Customer Service Manager at Pactimo and host of our podcast "On the Road with Pactimo." You can reach him directly at


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