Struggling with Pandemic Cancellations? This might help.

Struggling with Pandemic Cancellations? This might help.

Lack of motivation? You're not alone.

By: Jennifer Sharp, ALP Cycles Coaching

What do Leadville, DK, and Steamboat Gravel have in common?

Yep, they're canceled. Postponed. Deferred.

If your motivation went out the window and you're struggling to put a leg over the top tube - join the club. It's hard to slide into a sausage casing without a goal in mind. It's what got you up in the morning to sweat your brains out. And POOF! It's gone. 

Yes, it's disappointing. 

Yep, it sucks. 

Sigh. Life may never be the same again. 

BUT -  it's an opportunity.

How often do you get a chance to work on YOU? When's the last time you looked in the mirror, squished up your face and said: TODAY IS THE DAY!!!

Bike throws; sticking a gnarly descent; bleeding out of your eyeballs cresting a hill as fast as you can; perfecting your bike nutrition; hiring a coach. What's one skill YOU can work on? What's held you back from winning?

Use stop ahead signs to practice bike throws. Chase down someone on 63rd. Session that tricky technical trail. Fine tune that energy ball recipe. Heck, you could even brush up on your mental skills. "Thinking Body, Dancing Mind," by Jerry Lynch will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Jennifer Sharp ALP Cycles Coaching

A well timed bike throw lands me on the podium. Photo courtesy of Snowy Mountain Photography.

Champions take EVERY opportunity to better themselves. Every day! Regardless if they have an upcoming event or not. 

Take a 30,000 foot view of the big picture. What CAN you do with this time? What IS possible? What sick skills do you want to show off at a party after the pandemic? 

Contact an ALP Coach today and we'll help you work on YOU and teach you how to do the worm.