What We Are Doing to Help

What We Are Doing to Help

In previous years, April is about the time we would be launching our much anticipated Jersey Trade-Up program.

It was a chance for us to get people to give our jerseys a try (at a discount), while also supporting organizations focused on getting people into cycling by donating the old jerseys that were sent in as a trade. We have always felt it was just one of the ways we could give back to our community and the sport we love.

But, this year the world is a different place.

Times are tough. And while we are really excited about our new 2020 collection of jerseys, and would love our customers to experience the new colors, styles and upgrades (hence, the discount), this isn't the year for a trade-up program. Instead, we want to support the promotion of mental and physical health benefits of cycling in a time when we all need a break from daily stress. But, even more importantly, every garment we sell allows us to make a difference through donations during these challenging times.

What we are doing...

Over the past weeks, the global Pactimo team has been inspired by the stories of countless healthcare professionals, volunteers, and many others who are putting themselves at risk to serve others during this pandemic. It is heartbreaking to see many of these heroes hobbled by an inadequate supply of personal protective equipment. So, our sourcing team went into action.

So far, they have been able to procure 10,000 medical disposable masks, which are now on their way to our Denver office. Our plan is to donate these masks to dedicated healthcare personnel in Denver and New York. But we also plan to contribute masks to organizations that can sometimes be overlooked as a "front line" during this crisis.

We selected the Denver Rescue Mission and Samaritan House because of the work they do to shelter, feed and clothe the most vulnerable in our community. We also selected the Adams County Jail Division because we believe that no one should be put at risk when serving the community good, and want to ensure inmates can continue to safely participate in development programs and activities.

Stay tuned for updates on our efforts! All of us at Pactimo want to thank each of you - our amazing and passionate customers and friends. Your business and support make it possible for us to do our part during these trying times.

Together, we will overcome.

"We are so grateful for Pactimo's offer. Like most places, individuals here are sanitizing and reusing masks, so we are happy to accept whatever they are willing to send. The staff have been making and wearing cloth masks, although those are not the best for some of our more close-contact employees. The masks would be used for the inmates and the staff, really wherever there is a need for protection. Again, I can’t thank Pactimo enough."

Lindsay Laughery
Programs Supervisor
Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Jail Division

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