Summit Raptor Bib Short

Summit Raptor Bib Short

This medium to long distance bib will provide a performance enhancing, compression fit for hours on end thanks to the tightly-woven, muscle soothing, Raptor fabric.


TotalFit™ with Schoeller–Eschler Raptor™

Flash coldblack® technology fabric treatment ensures a regulated body temperature through exertion by pushing perspiration away from the skin while also reflecting UV rays.

The exceptional compression qualities of the Raptor fabric helps
to increase oxygen delivery to active muscles in motion.


Leg grippers are comprised of lightweight, Italian-made, MARC Ether compression bands in either 4cm or 7cm lengths. They are backed with impregnated silicone for added gripping. 


Cyclist wearing Summit Raptor bibs climbing uphill out of the saddle

"The Summit Raptor bibs are so soft and compressive and comfortable that the best way to describe this is absolutely luxurious."


Close up photo of cyclist wearing the Summit Raptor Bib short