Navy Cycling Bibs - Summit Raptor Collection

Spring 2022 Summit Raptor Navy

Our Spring 2022 Collection is here!

Don't miss the new Summit Raptor Navy.

New Men's Summit Raptor Bibs in Navy

Navy isn't better. It's just cool.

Same as the black Raptor, the Navy Raptor includes Flash coldblack® technology throughout, which pushes heat and perspiration away from your skin while also reflecting UV rays so you stay dry and cool, even on the hottest days.


Known for it's muscle-soothing compression fit.

Nothing has changed with the tightly-woven Raptor fabric. The Navy Raptor provides the same performance enhancing, compression fit as the black Raptor, increasing oxygen delivery to active muscles in motion.


New Women's Summit Raptor Bibs in Navy


Long Distance Chamois

The Road Performance Force Hybrid Chamois in the Navy Raptor was developed by Italian manufacturer Elastic Interface®. It offers a smaller-footprint design that reduces overall bulk while maintaining long distance comfort through a multi-density foam design. It has been tested rigorously in 7+ hour rides and race conditions.


Uppers that disappear during your ride.

The uppers are not only extremely supportive, but incredibly comfortable as well, so much so, that we say they will disappear during your ride. To accomplish this, we've used a combination of breathable/lightweight mesh around the waist and raw-edge cut, double-knit fabric for the shoulders and front straps.


New Navy Summit Raptor Bibs
New Navy Summit Raptor Bibs for Men & Women


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