Summit Aero Range Jersey

Summit Aero Range Jersey

New for 2021

The Summit Aero Range Jersey has been designed for riders who want a jersey that is ready for every adventure in a next-to-skin aerodynamic fit.

Aero fit cycling jersey

Discerning riders who want maximum storage for ultra-endurance efforts will love the breathability, performance and comfort of the Summit Aero Range Jersey.  

Even More Storage

The Summit Aero Range has three extra-wide rear pockets with expanding, bottom bellows plus two additional regular size pockets, making it the ideal choice for ultra-endurance races and gravel adventures like Colorado's SBT GRVL.

Recycled Fabrics

As part of an ongoing effort to reduce our carbon footprint, the development team searched high and low for the finest, high-performance fabric that was manufactured from recycled materials. The Italian-made, Borghini fabric used in Summit jerseys met the needs in every way. It is lightweight, wicking, durable, stretchy and 100% recycled.

Hexagonal Mesh

We used a hexagonal mesh in strategic locations not only because it has a stunning appearance, but because it offers exceptional breathability, facilitates stretch and reduces the weight of the garment.

Raw Edge

A raw edge cut sleeve is a thing of beauty. It's a seamless marriage between your arm and the sleeve, enhancing both comfort and aerodynamic performance. And, it looks elegant. To keep the sleeve in place we use an internal, soft silicone gripper.

Semi-Auto Locking Zipper

Rounding out the little details is the use of a YKK semi-auto lock zipper, which features a textured rubber pull for better gripping.

The biggest advantage of a locking zipper is the ability for the wearer to singlehandedly unzip and open their jersey for venting. Merely flip the pull up to unlock the zipper. Then, with one hand, the jersey can be pulled open. Flip the pull back down to lock the zipper pull in place.


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