Sarah Bagshaw: Artist Series Contributor

Sarah Bagshaw: Artist Series Contributor

Pactimo welcomes new designs to the Artist Series™ from UK artist Sarah Bagshaw

Continuing the tradition of creating cycling clothing that stands out from the crowd, Pactimo is excited to have bold, new designs from contributing artist Sarah Bagshaw.

Sarah Bagshaw art 

Showcasing incredibly talented artists from inside and outside the world of cycling, the Pactimo Artist Series offers truly one-of-a-kind cycling gear so you can proclaim your confident individuality. "I was immediately enthralled by Sarah's patterns and knew they would look incredible on a jersey," said Ryan White, Pactimo senior product designer. "I love her color choices and the simplistic intricacy of her work as it appears on both fabric and in print. I find it simultaneously soothing and bold."

"I was first inspired by some 1960s bath towels my mum packed into my case when I left for art college," Sarah said. From there she began pattern paintings, and has been producing vibrant patterns ever since. "I didn't train as a textile designer though, so I don't create designs in repeat for manufacture. Although if forced, I can put things into repeat on the computer!" she adds.

Sarah Bagshaw art

After obtaining her degree in Fine Art (painting), followed by a Masters in Surface Design and a Post-Graduate teaching qualification, Sarah has been lecturing in art and design for many years, as well as operating her own practice in Birmingham, UK.

Sarah takes inspiration from all areas of art and design, but her work is led by materials and using them to make marks. She will often use junk and bits and bobs from the pound shop or DIY store, and simple black poster paint. 

"My work is ultimately about using any materials I have around me to make marks and motifs," she said. "I use drawing, painting, collage, photography and printmaking to create the paper pieces which are then taken into Photoshop. For me, Photoshop is another creative tool. I do not use it to touch up or make the work look perfect, but it is very much part of the process. I work with layers and the blending tools, adding and cutting out bits until I am happy with the results, whilst hopefully still holding on to elements of their handmade beginnings."

Sarah worked as a freelance designer for Lush Handmade Cosmetics for a number of years, creating designs for gift boxes and knot wraps. Her work has been used on the Artist Atelier range at Anthropologie and she is currently making work for the rebranding of Trade Aid New Zealand, a social enterprise helping talented people around the world improve their lives through fair trade.

"I also work with a friend on Maybee Upholstery, my partner makes and upholsters the furniture and I supply the designs to go on them," Sarah said. "This is in its infancy and we are both doing it juggling full-time jobs and children, a little bit at a time. But I try and make my own work everyday with whatever I can grab—so I don't get grumpy!"



Continuous Lines Jersey

"Continuous Lines"


Fireworks Jersey



Textured Triangles Jersey

"Textured Triangles"



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