Pactimo Volunteers at Project ReCycle

Pactimo Volunteers at Project ReCycle

Project ReCycle is all about the bikes, but they are also all about giving kids the gift of believing in themselves.

by Dianna McGhinnis, Marketing Coordinator

Many Pactimo employees recently had the opportunity to work with Project ReCycle, a 501(c)3 organization that provides smiles to children all over Colorado via a bicycle. Their first run at this venture in 2010, led them to create a program that would not only guarantee smiles but would also influence academic behavior in a positive manner. As part of their Dream Bike Program, Children, during their academic year, are encouraged to earn a bike by improving in 3 areas; Respect, Attendance, and Academic Growth. Project ReCycle works with multiple agencies to provide stability for children. The gifted bicycle becomes a constant in a life of change. 

Project ReCycle collects bicycles from participating locations on a weekly basis. Bikes are brought to the repair shop and inspected. If a bike cannot be fixed for reuse, it is dismantled. Each reusable part is salvage for future use and all remaining parts are then recycled.


Pactimo employees volunteered at Project ReCycle’s bike shop, newly located in Englewood, CO. Jon Buck, Executive Director, was eager to have us volunteer Pactimo at Project ReCycleand more than happy when 12 of us showed up that day. Kent Urieff, shop manager, took the reins in showing us where to start, which bikes to fix, and where to find the supplies we needed. Several regular volunteers were there that day as well and eager to help and teach us in any way they could. The day we arrived; they had just received their weekly drop-offs of roughly 100 donated bikes that needed inspection and repairs to move onto the next stage. Our group had a mixture of pro’s and beginners when it comes to bike repairing and inspecting. Many of us beginners learned quite a bit that day about how to fix a flat tire, replace seats, fix chains, etc. Just a few months ago, Project ReCycle had to relocate their bike shop from a 20,000 square foot facility to just under 5,000 square feet to this location. As you can imagine, this came with its own difficulties. Another part of our volunteer day was helping to build vertical racks to utilize every inch of space in their new location. Once racks were built, we hung bikes upright.

Frank Kim, Pactimo CEO

David Newcomer, Pactimo

Kevin McBride, Pactimo

A new feature Jon is adding to the program this year is the ability for the public to purchase a bike. The front facing portion of their new location will hold a bike shop area which will provide quality bikes at affordable prices. All proceeds will help support the work they do at Project ReCycle. This program is not yet available, but they hope to have it up and running this year.

Project ReCycle Every Bike Has a Story

Every Bike Has A Story Video - from Project ReCycle

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and we cannot wait to work with Project ReCycle again in the future. Everything about their program resonates with our culture at Pactimo and we are so lucky to have an organization like this right in our own backyard.

Ryan White, Pactimo

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer with Project ReCycle, please see their opportunities. They need everything from behind the scenes help, to event volunteers at bike drives/distribution, transporters, mechanics, and fundraising. You can also send an email to or give them a call at 844-776-7329. If you have old bikes just sitting around, you can donate them to any of their bike drop-off locations.

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