Matthew Ray - Pactimo Customer

Pactimo Rider: Matthew Ray

From the dirt roads of Nebraska to the pristine gravel of Trinidad, Colorado

Pactimo had the opportunity to meet one of our customers up close and personal when we invited Matthew Ray to participate in our spring photoshoot in Trinidad, Colorado. 

The forty-nine year old Centennial, Colorado resident represents what could be considered a typical demographic for a Pactimo customer in that he has been a long-time cyclist, rides a variety of disciplines and has both raced in the past and is currently racing with a team.

In the photos above, Matthew is wearing the new long sleeve version of Ascent Wind Jersey ($130). The vest he is packing away is the super versatile Keystone ($175). The jersey and vest both have 3 full-size pockets and a zippered valuables pocket.

Are you currently on a team?

"I am on a team now. I have been on a local team for the last 8 or 10 years. I have been on three or four different ones. Currently the one I am on, Beyond Category Coaching. It is really small and we race gravel and road."

How did you get started in cycling?

"My buddy in college, who is the coach of Beyond Category Coaching, he was like, 'you need to do this!' So we bought mountain bikes because that was all the rage in the late 80's, early 90's. Ever since then, I've always ridden a bike."

Matthew models the Ascent Jersey ($120) with a new tapered collar, locking zipper and redesigned full-storage pockets.

How did you get in gravel riding? 

"When I first got into cycling, mountain biking in Nebraska, you rode gravel roads. That's just what you did. And when it kinda started to become a thing here I was like, 'yeah, I'm on it.' That's what I like doing. There's no traffic, you're out there in the middle of nowhere and they're going to make bikes specific to it. I was like, 'perfect!'"

Colorado cyclist Matthew Ray riding gravel in Trinidad, Colorado
Matthew wears the new, traditional fit Continental Jersey ($110) for one of the local gravel adventures.

What's your typical training program?

"Training is usually anywhere 5 - 8 hours a week. I do hours, not miles. An hour and a half is an average ride. If I'm on a gravel bike, I try to take the crushed paths. If I'm on a road bike, I'll take the streets to a path and then more streets. But I am mostly on streets. I'm not a big fan of the bike paths."

Pactimo cyclist Matthew Ray modeling the Storm+ Jersey and Bibs
For an early morning rollout, Matthew wears the Storm+ Jersey ($137) and Bibs ($210) paired with the Storm+ Leg Warmers ($55).

What did you think of Trinidad?

"I think Trinidad is very cool. Very scenic, cute. It has a lot of character and rustic charm. I'd be back to ride gravel here, for sure. I loved it. The gravel was pristine and a lot of it."

Cyclists in Trinidad, Colorado

NAME: Matthew Ray
AGE: 49 Years Old
RESIDES: Centennial, Colorado
DISCIPLINES: Gravel & Road
TEAM: Beyond Category Racing
BIKE(S): Canyon Ultimate CF Ultegra / Open U.P. GRX


Photos by Adam Pawlikiewicz