Unique Cycling Jersey for Men & Women - Metamorphic Design


Our newest design, paying homage to the beauty of Colorado's marble history

Ryan White, Pactimo's Senior Product Designer, got the idea for the new collection while visiting Marble, Colorado and the Crystal Mill last summer while on a mountain bike trip to Carbondale and Aspen.

"I rode out to the Crystal Mill and walked around the old processing site in the middle of the town where huge Marble blocks still sit as an homage to the history of the town," White said.

The town of Marble, Colorado was incorporated in 1899 after the discovery of Yule marble in the 1870's, the name coming from the quarry’s proximity to Yule Creek. The incredible beauty and complexity of Yule marble has resulted in its usage in the many architectural settings, including the Denver Capitol Building and most notably in the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

"The design on the jerseys isn’t specifically Yule marble pattern," White said. "It’s a bit sparse but I don’t think people will mind. What I wanted to invoke in the pattern is what people think as marbling and use it to tell a story about Colorado’s past as a quarrying and mining state. The colors and geometric overlay are honestly just a design flare that give the marble some depth and interest beyond just a plain marble aesthetic."

White goes on to explain that the green color used on one of the cycling jerseys was inspired by samples he saw that show how marble develops a sea-green tint when it becomes contaminated. 



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