Meet Pactimo's CEO - Frank Kim

Meet Pactimo's CEO - Frank Kim

Frank Kim and Pactimo's industry-leading catalog of cycling jerseys, bibs, shorts, and outerwear

by Chris Meehan - CompanyWeek

Since launching the company has shipped roughly 2 million pieces of clothing for bicyclists, specializing in custom and team orders. Pactimo has even outfitted Olympians and professional athletes.

"We're a cycling apparel brand," says Kim. "We're focused on what has to do with apparel on the bike."

Looking ahead, Kim says Pactimo is likely to expand its mountain bike clothing lines and will continue to grow in the U.S. as well as Europe. "It's interesting to us to take on brands in what's sort of the homeland of competitive cycling and that's an exciting experience for us and we're making headway there," he says.


Frank Kim, Pactimo CEO

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