Win a Pactimo Kit and Jacket!

February 27, 2013


As a way to thank all of our Facebook and Twitter fans for a great 2013 start, we will be giving away a Pactimo men’s cycling kit and jacket!

We’re not too far away from reaching 15,000 likes on Facebook, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to thank all the fantastic Pactimo fans across America with a little giveaway.

Help us get just a little closer to that 15,000 mark and we will award one lucky fan with a 2012 Summit Speed Jersey, Ascent Pro Bib and Palisade Cool Weather Jacket! Retail value of $240.  


Contest Instructions:

  • Comment below why you should win the kit, then share this post on Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends.
  • Prize will be awarded to the person who posts our favorite comment and who has liked us or followed us on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Bonus point if you like and follow us on both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Another bonus point if you follow us on Pinterest.


Prize Eligibility

This prize drawing is open to residents of the United States (but not including employees of Pactimo, their families or anyone else professionally associated with the drawing or Pactimo LLC).


Winner Announcement

Winner will be contacted at the email address they post with their comment below and announced on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 in our bi-weekly sales & promotions email. In the event of a particular size unavailability, Pactimo reserves the right to substitute another item of greater or equal value.




66 thoughts on “Win a Pactimo Kit and Jacket!

  1. I should win because my current kit is so old it has become see-through and I feel bad for all those people behind me who have such a wonderful view.

    • You should pick me because I am the most handsome man in the world. By selecting me, you will find your sales increasing as many people will mistakenly attribute some of my overwhelming handsomeness to your kit. Your sales will increase every time someone sees me in this kit. And that will happen often as I ride often and am always passing others.

      But seriously, you should pick me because I’m a nice guy who can make fun of himself. And I’m a cyclist who obeys traffic laws and always rides safely.

  2. As a woman, I think it’s important to break down gender divisions. As a cyclist, I think it’s important to ride well equipped and look good. This set would let me do both, and declare to the world–at least my part of it–that Pactimo rocks!

  3. As I start to get back into cycling, I am excited to win this gear. The gear look awesome and it will be put to great use. I love cycling and would be proud to wear the guy on my daily rides. I am a strong believer in word of mouth of a great product. Which this is! Looking forward to being stylish.

  4. I have never owned your gear. I am in the market for some gear and saw you were giving away so i thought this would help with my situation in life right now.

  5. Getting my “juices flowing” to start my second season of riding. Just paid $$ to get my bike ready for the season and a Free set of clothing would be nice. :)

  6. I am a man. The kit is spiffy. I would be Adonis on wheels (or so I’d like to believe). Has the day of all those who behold me been made just that much better? Tick.

  7. I would like to win this awesome kit because i spend all my money on my bike and it would be nice to look as good as my ride! “Pura Vida”

  8. Wearing Pactimo gear makes me feel like I moving when I’m standing. When I’m on my bike, I pedal harder and go longer in Pactimo comfort.

  9. This kit would be perfect for my early morning rides. Getting ready for My Team Triumph 3 day tour. Great benefit ride for wounded and disabled veterans/warriors

  10. I live in Gunnison Colorado, one of the perennial cold spots in the nation, and having an amazing jacket to stay out of the elements while wearing with that amazing kit would lead to a longer riding season.

  11. I purchased a Pactimo jersey on Ebay because of it’s cool print, but I find out it’s better fit and more comfortable than my other cycling kit. I wear my Pactimo Jersey on most of my ride. Not only I look good but I feel good riding my Bike. Now that’s a brand to brag about.

  12. I didn’t need to Like the Facebook page or starting following Pactimo on Twitter – because I already have been! If you sent me the kit, while I would gladly wear it, I’d rather auction it off and donate the proceeds to charity.

  13. The bike you ride and the shape you are in have little to do with your actual performance. It’s how you look that really makes you perform. I am trying to qualify for the Leadville 100 this year and this kit would make me fast enough to win. Viva la Pactimo!

  14. hi I would love to win this kit because I’m recent to cycling and I live in michigan where unfortunitly I can only cycle in summer time, and have a nice bike but I dont have kit to go with it…Im big fan of pactimo

  15. I would love to win this for my husband. It would be a great help to him as he trains to do his first Ironman in Louisville in August!

  16. I have started cycling at the tender age of 49 and I just love the sport. Cycling is the most liberating sport I have ever done. I have met the best people in the events I have done Gran Fondo NY. I just love the ride.

  17. This year is my first year racing. I’ve got the great looking bike, I’ve been busting my ass on my trainer getting ready, and I’d love to cross that finish line in style, looking like a pro, even if I’m DFL. Which I wouldn’t be with your gear on.

  18. i like pactimo,otherwise i would not have liked on facebook.kits are so costly and dont last very long.like the way pactimo looks,here would be a great oppotunity to see how pactimo stacks up against the competitors.i long quiet a few miles each week. well pactimo

  19. I deserve to win. Why? Because I would shamelessly promote your brand and your website. I am a cycle commuter, and i could use some top quality gear.

  20. I have traditionally ordered from my company-sponsored vendor for all my team gear. The quality of Pactimo is better than the gear we get, so if I can’t ride events in Pactimo, I can at least train in it! I love the fit and the look, and the the quality is top notch.

  21. Our team just got Pactimo kit this year. Fit is awesome, looks are great. As a guy who used to weigh 320 lbs, I am thrilled to be wearing and racing a Medium Pactimo kit.

  22. I follow you on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest. I’d follow you anywhere, to the moon or to the ends of the earth. As long as I can do it in one of your stylish kits.

    p.s. I am not a stalker.

  23. I have lost 50 lbs riding my bike. You will never see a bigger smile than I have when I’m riding. But I am broke and can’t afford to buy another kit so I only have one.

  24. Pactimo has been the best company to work with when we created our team jersey’s. the quality has been outstanding, and it was so easy to get everything set up and designed. You guys are great! even if I don’t win!
    Team ARG!!!

  25. I currently use pre-owned, hand-me-down cycling attire from a manly man who was much bigger than me. He wore everything out of them and I feel they still have his scent. It would be wonderful to own my own set of non-ripped, fresh garb for my cycling outtings. I am my own man and do not wish to smell like another!

  26. I want to look and feel premium when I ride. SO … it’s natural that I should wear this Pactimo kit to give me a premium style on my rides. Plus, I’m a XXL so it’s good advertising on XXL scale.

  27. When I put my Pactimo riding gear on, It feels great. No other brand fits me like Pactimo. I feel great, which translates into great rides, which translates into longer rides! The additional Pactimo cycling gear would be a much needed addition to my cycling wardrobe, since I ride more with it on!

  28. I should win because I’m 14 and I need kit to rife in… I’ve gotta stop crashing and ripping my team kit (it’s pactimo 😉 ) and pactimo is the bomb!

  29. I need another kit. I started riding less than a year ago and I only have one at the moment. Having 2 will lessen the wash load.

  30. These togs are so cool, they will easily outshine my 1999 Schwinn Circuit. People will be mistaken that I am very, very fast. When in fact, wearing this kit, I’ll just look that way.

  31. Pactimo rocks with some really nice products and offerings especially the Team Store. We are going with a club jersey and our annual ride Tour de Tugaloo will use Pactimo.

  32. Pactimo is easily the best looking designs of cycling kits out on the market and have a great selection of gear to customize well beyond all of its competitors. Gotta get me some!

  33. I should win because after biking in street clothes for the past 8 years, I wanna finally look like a legit bike rider in kickass Pactimo gear.

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