Born in Colorado, the epicenter of North American cycling…

Pactimo has found continuous inspiration in our home’s breath-taking beauty and extreme conditions to develop cycling apparel for every climate, elevation, and adventure. Since 2003, we’ve shipped over 1 million garments to champions, teams, clubs and individual cyclists around the globe. Unlike many other cycling brands, our roots are in custom cycling apparel. That means at Pactimo we’ve always cared most about you, the customer, and your specific needs and aspirations as an individual rider.

Our product development is driven by continuous direct feedback from thousands of customers, as well as by personal testing in the rugged and diverse conditions of our backyard. This process enables us to develop some of the most innovative, technical cycling clothing on the market. This spirit of continuous innovation is also deep in the DNA of our PACTIMO-branded apparel, which makes Pactimo quality available to the broader audience of individual cyclists through our online shop.  

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Some of our ImPactful milestones include:

  • Unlimited Colors — no additional costs. Pactimo was the first custom apparel company to implement a full-dye sublimation process. That means long before anyone else was providing unlimited color options, we were doing it…and we didn’t charge more to do so.
  • Fit Kits  — guaranteeing sizing. Pactimo was one of the first companies to develop the fit kit. Customers no longer had to guess on sizing, they could try on the exact garment styles and be guaranteed a perfect fit when they received their custom order.
  • Team Stores  — taking work off of customer’s hands. Pactimo invented the team store concept. We created an easy-to-use interface exactly like any other online retail experience and we continue to perfect to this day. And…we’ve never charged a dime to set up or maintain a team store.
  • Affordability  — great prices for great products. Affordability ­ great prices for great products.  From the beginning, Pactimo was based on the idea that we could make amazing products packed with features and sell them at reasonable prices.
  • Quality  — only the best. Since 2003, we have been driven by creating quality garments. Adhering to that goal today, we source the world’s finest materials, including cutting edge European fabrics, YKK zippers, and Italian-made chamois. 
  • Innovation  — driving us to be better. We never stop in our quest to make the best performing and fitting athletic apparel. Our technological innovations have allowed us to continuously improve products and engineer even better ones. With TotalFit™ we employed elastic panels and anatomical design to develop apparel that works in concert with your body. Our Silhouette™ Engineering takes this a step further, with bib shorts that are constructed to increase performance, aerodynamics and comfort when in your riding position. These are just two examples of our drive to be the most innovative custom apparel manufacturer in the industry.
  • Customer Centric  — giving us purpose. There’s no mistake that we mention our customers in our mission statement. We believe our personalized customer service model, instituted from the earliest days of Pactimo’s existence, is what makes us, and will continue to make us, different from all the others. 
  • Guaranteed Delivery  — meeting expectations. In 2010, we went to a 5-week delivery model. Many people thought we were crazy and wouldn’t be able to make that happen. To be honest, some of our own team members had doubts. In 2014, we had a 100% on-time delivery rate. How many of our competitors can say that?

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Why Choose Pactimo?

At Pactimo, we are dedicated to providing premium cycling and athletic team apparel for world champions, pros and elite cyclists worldwide. But, what makes us different?
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Get a Team Store

Coordinating a team’s clothing order can be a complete headache, especially for the person responsible for all the details. But with Pactimo’s Team™ Store, we make the process as stress free as possible.
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Being ImPactful

When the company was founded in 2003, the goal was to be impactful…and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.
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