The Coolest Bike Gear at the Sea Otter Classic

GQ Magazine selected Arlene Pedersen’s Day of the Dead jersey for their Coolest Bike Gear at the Sea Otter Classic roundup.

Arlene recently joined our Designer Gallery lineup and the cool jersey design is her first item specifically designed for Pactimo.

Like so many of our Designer Gallery artists, Arlene is a lover of cycling and athlete in her own right. A former Olympic Curling Champion, she moved to Tucson, Arizona, from central Canada and became inspired with the colors and textures of the Southwest. Influenced by Tucson’s international cycling community, Arlene shifted her fine art from canvas to fabric with the creation of her distinctive GoLOCO Jerseys line. “The jerseys are created art with the intention of beauty, but I still want anyone who wears one to feel strong and powerful,” Arlene says.

Read the GQ Magazine piece or learn more about our Designer Gallery.

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