These bibs will feel completely different from any you’ve ever worn before.


Silhouette™ Engineering

Silhouette Engineering for the High Performance AnglePeople try on bibs and stand up to see how they feel.

Maybe you’ve even done this yourself.

Doing that with these bibs might make you think they’re the wrong size or the straps have been sewn too short. You’ll feel your shoulders being pulled down as if the bibs are trying to fold you over.

But put yourself in your natural riding position and you will see…they are a perfect fit.

Pactimo’s proprietary Silhouette™ technology ensures your bibs will provide superlative comfort. The innovative articulation, coupled with a unique strap and front panel design, allows you to enjoy longer rides without material bunching, chaffing and discomfort.  

They are designed for riding — not standing.

Silhouette™ Engineering is now available in our Ascent and Summit bibs for men and women.

These bibs also include the exceptional, Italian-made, CyTech Endurance Anatomic Carbonium Chamois. Engineered with a unique curved anatomic shape, this pad offers the all-way stretch of the Elastic Interface® Technology with a special high density foam throughout for maximum comfort and performance. 

Read the Silhouette™ Engineering press release

 Watch a brief video overview of the Ascent Bibs (2:20)
 Watch a brief video overview of the Summit Bibs (2:29) 

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