You’ve probably done this a hundred times yourself…you try on a pair of bibs and you stand up to see how they feel.

Sure, you think, they feel great.

But how are they going to feel when you’re bent over your bars and on mile 40?

Will they still be as comfy as they were when you were standing around the coffee shop? Or will all that excess fabric that made the bibs so comfortable while standing turn into a bunched and chaffing nightmare?

That’s exactly what led us to develop Silhouette™ Engineering in our Ascent and Summit custom bibs. We think you should be just as comfortable on mile 100 as you are on the first mile…in bibs that feel comfy on the bike.

Try on one of our bibs with Silhouette™ Engineering and stand up and your first impression might be that they are the wrong size or the straps have been sewn too short. You’ll feel your shoulders being pulled down as if the bibs are trying to fold you over.

But put yourself in your natural riding position and you’ll see…they’re a perfect fit.

Pactimo’s proprietary Silhouette™ technology ensures your bibs will provide superlative comfort.

Innovative articulation, coupled with a unique strap and front panel design, allows you to enjoy longer rides with less material bunching, chaffing and discomfort.

They’re designed for riding — not standing.

“We are always working with professional athletes and teams in what we call a ’road lab’ setting,” says Karl Heidgen, our VP of Sales and an accomplished racer himself. “We solicit feedback and listen to performance suggestions, not only from champions like Laura Van Gilder and Brad Huff, but from all of our teams. Their input and ongoing wear-testing is what allows us to develop something like Silhouette™ Engineering. And, there’s no question, Silhouette™ engineered bibs have been designed for riding.”
AscentProBibs SummitProBibs2
Silhouette™ Engineering is available in 2013 custom Ascent and Summit bibs for men and women. These bibs also include the exceptional, Italian-made, CyTech Endurance Anatomic Carbonium Chamois. Designed with a unique curved anatomic shape, this pad offers the all-way stretch of the Elastic Interface® Technology plus special high density foam throughout for maximum comfort and performance.

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