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The Artists

Showcasing incredibly talented artists from inside and outside the cycling world our Artist Series offers dynamic, cutting edge, ONE OF A KIND, cycling gear that proclaims your confident individuality.

Meet the Artists:

mark-beresniewicz Mark Beresniewicz
Vail, CO
Designs | Bio
gregory-klein Gregory Klein
New York, NY
Designs | Bio
leif-kruse Leif Kruse
Boulder, CO
Designs | Bio
charles-leddy Charles Leddy
Irvine, CA
Designs | Bio
miguel-paredes Miguel Paredes
Miami, FL
Designs | Bio
Arlene Pedersen Arlene Pedersen
Tucson, AZ
Designs | Bio
debbie-clapper Debbie Clapper
Denver, CO
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katherine-hall Katherine Hall
NSW, Australia
Designs | Bio
thomas-zipfel Thomas Zipfel
Kirchzarten, Germany
Designs | Bio