Cycling Discipline Determines a Specific Position in Saddle

Elastic Interface is the brand that gives its name to a wide range of hi-tech cycling pads laying the foundation for the CyTech company which was launched in 2000. Their vision was to imagine a totally elastic cycling chamois as the cyclist-bicycle interface and their patented technology was developed and refined over years and now sets a worldwide standard.

CyTech understands that each cycling discipline determines a specific position in saddle, involving different pressure points throughout the gluteal, ischial and perineal region. In road racing, the most popular discipline in cycling, the athlete sits towards the front of the saddle and the angle of inclination of the torso is approximately 27-28 degrees; therefore the perineal zone is the area that undergoes the most pressure.

Road Cycling Position

When on a MTB the cyclists sits in a more upright position and the torso creates a 39-40 degree angle, therefore the major pressure point is concentrated in the ischial zone. The angle that the cyclist’s torso forms while riding in the triathlon position is the most extreme, between 24-25 degrees, and the point of maximum pressure falls on the nose of the saddle compressing the perineal area and the pubic bone.

MTB Riding Position

Tri Riding Position

Using professional cycling pads, that have been studied and developed to respond to the specific needs of each cycling discipline, means delivering the best protection possible in those crucial areas where being properly protected is a necessity and benefitting from a greater freedom of movement that favors performance.

For this reason CyTech has been studying, in cooperation with the University of Padua, Italy, the posture of the athlete while in saddle and verifying the level of comfort determined by the chamois. A more comfortable chamois translates to greater energy savings, improved posture in saddle and higher quality performance. The studies demonstrate how using adequate cycling pads, that have been engineered to target specific disciplines, can indeed assure greater energy savings and therefore result in superior performance. 

More precisely, placing foam densities in the correct key zones that undergo the most pressure allows eliminating the bulky sensation in favor of maximum freedom of movement to achieve best performance.

Achieving Best Performance

At Pactimo, we use the following Elastic Interface chamois in our shorts and bibs:

Men's Ascent Custom Cycling Apparel ChamoisThe CyTech E.I.T. Evo Air Carbonium, made from a special microfibre with Carbonium thread, and with a futuristic design, has been developed to guarantee good protection thanks to its dual densities construction. It provides freedom of movement and excellent fit with its extremely soft side wings. The pad includes multi thicknesses, central channel in the perineal area and perforated foam for maximum ventilation. Used in our men’s Ascent bibs and shorts.


Women's Ascent Custom Cycling Apparel ChamoisThis CyTech E.I.T. Endurance 2 women’s specific chamois is one of the most advanced on the market today. Featuring a 100% antibacterial and hypoallergenic micropolyester and designed according to women’s anatomy with a 10mm height. The different densities and special channels facilitate the evacuation of humidity. The soft texture of the fiber helps reduce the friction. Used in our women’s Ascent bibs and shorts.


The CyTech Endurance Anatomic Men’s Carbonium chamois, used in our men’s Summit shorts and bibs, has been engineered with a unique curved anatomic shape. Offering the all-way stretch of the Elastic Interface Technology with a special high density foam throughout for maximum comfort and performance. Endurance Anatomic Men also has a central channel to relieve pressure from the perineal zone and provide better airflow.


CyTech’s Endurance 2 X-Tract Women, used in our Summit bibs and shorts for women, is the natural evolution of Elastic Interface’s popular Endurance Women pad. Endurance 2 X-Tract Women’s pad has a specially shaped central protective insert zone which has been refined in this new model with a smaller and more accurate protective area. This pad has been developed with a new generation of high density foams which not only provide excellent protection for long distance rides, but also a great fit designed just for women cyclists. Besides, E.I.T. X-Tract fabric structure has a double layer which helps collect and expel moisture.

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