The crankbrothers prodeal sponsorship program is your opportunity to join the crankbrothers team as an ambassador for the brand. crankbrothers is looking for racers who are active in their community and who can help spread the word about our products. As a prodeal sponsored rider, you’ll have exclusive access to prodeal pricing. 

As the official crankbrothers apparel partner, we would like to encourage everyone to apply.

crankbrothers is a fantastic organization and they are not focused on race results. They are looking for riders who are approachable, involved, and have a great attitude no matter where they finish in a race. The only thing they require is that you have a good relationship with your local bike shop because they can only ship prodeal orders through a shop, and the shop manager must approve your sponsorship application. 

If you’re interested in applying, please send an email to and include the following info:

- quick intro about yourself and your cycling involvement
- local bike shop, shop manager’s name, phone number

 After they’ve had a chance to look over your info, they will get in touch with the next steps. 

One thought on “Riders Invited to crankbrothers Sponsorship Program

  1. I have had Crank Brothers pedals on my Cannondale Rush 600 for 3 years now and they are great. I am a Police Officer and ride a Police Bike daily.

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