Vanderkitten veteran gets coveted spot in the Amgen Tour of California Time Trial

Rhae Shaw - Vanderkitten RacingThe Amgen Tour of California will be hosting an elite women’s time trial in conjunction with its stage 6 TT in San Jose on May 17th, and Vanderkitten‘s Rhae Shaw will be among the field.

This year’s invitation-only event will feature 15 elite riders, including women who are Olympians, world champions, national champions, and champions of other prestigious cycling events.

“As the largest stage race in the country, the Amgen Tour of California provides a unique opportunity to highlight the many facets of cycling,” said Amgen Tour executive director Kristin Bachochin. “We are honored to host another worldwide showcase for the best women in the sport today, and to provide even more depth and thrills for the millions of fans who will tune in that week.”

Former Triathlete

Believe it or not, Rhae’s path from triathlete to world-class road cyclist started in 2011 at the age of 35. She had made up her mind to quit her job of 12 years as a technical advisor to the CEO of Microsoft and take up racing her bike full time – a decision that came after eight years of racing Ironman triathlons.

“When I looked at the Ironman calendar none of the major races were exciting. I wasn’t even excited about doing Kona, and if you’re not excited about the world championships, well.. in order to put your body through that you have to be passionate. I decided to change things up so I could still be excited about a sport.”

Rhae’s new inspiration came from watching an old recording of the time trial world championships. She figured if she could just spend a year off from work racing her bike in preparation for a return to triathlon in 2012 she would be reinvigorated for the tri circuit. It wouldn’t be long before she would be  seduced by the prospect of mastering new skills and negotiating different circles. Rhae had given over to the idea of becoming a road racer and used the burgeoning racing scene in Seattle as a testing ground to build confidence and experience. Right from the start she raced with elite men and credits the competitive challenges, along with the unwavering support of Lang Reynolds, her boyfriend and a fellow racer, with her ability to quickly find success in the US.

The Amgen Tour of California Women’s Time Trial Race will offer a $10,000 prize, as well as potentially help shape the outcome for another important race on the women’s calendar – the USA Cycling Professional Road & Time Trial National Championships on May 25 in Chattanooga, TN.

To help Rhae blow the competition away, Pactimo developed a Vanderkitten Summit Speed skinsuit.

Vanderkitten Skinsuit - Rhae Shaw

  Good luck Rhae, from all of us at Pactimo. Ride like the wind!

Pactimo is proud to be the custom apparel partner for Vanderkitten Racing

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