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If you have followed Professional Cycling in the US for any length of time, you have heard about “Philly” and “the Wall”. After running the last 28 years, the race was nearly discontinued for 2013. However, promoters came through with a last minute sponsor and the race was back on, albeit in a slightly different iteration from its original format. But the heart of the race remained, the grueling 17% grade Manayunk Wall. It would also provide a new and exciting finish as the winner would be crowned on the final ascent at the top.

A large international field of 194 riders from 14 professional teams (four UCI Pro Continental and 10 UCI Continental) plus 11 elite amateur squads lined up to compete for the $30,000 prize purse. The teams included UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling, Novo Nordisk and Stage 17-Cylance, a development cycling team for cyclists between the ages of 18-25, based in Southern California.

The men would complete 10 laps on the 12-mile circuit, and the finish would be atop the famous 17% Manayunk Wall.

Race winner American Kiel Reijnen (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling), 16th place Type 1 diabetic Martijn Verschoor (Novo Nordisk) from Holland and 19-year old American Ian Moore (Stage 17-Cylance) provided their race data for comparison.

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About Shawn Heidgen

Shawn Heidgen has been involved in cycling for over 20 years. She raced professionally for three years during which she completed 2 Giro D’Italia Donne (Women’s Tour of Italy ) and competed on the National Race Calendar circuit.  Shawn has also coached cyclists of all abilities for many years, and has led and directed training camps all over the world. Shawn also has a unique history, as a former Chronic Pain Patient at the Mayo Clinic (before racing professionally), she overcame what should have been a career ending hip fracture and went on to race professionally. 

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Stage 17-Cylance Philly Cycling Classic Recap


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